'This Is Us' Star Susan Kelechi Watson Teases Series Finale

This Is Us fans just got a clue as to who the mysterious "her" is in the future — it's Rebecca (played by Mandy Moore).

- Spoilers ahead for Season 3 of the series -

According to TV Guide, actress Susan Kelechi Watson, who plays Beth, revealed hints for fans as to whether we'll find out Rebecca's fate anytime soon.

"We answered some of it at the end of the fall finale, so I think the clues are going to be dropped in the same way," she said at the Television Critics Association winter press tour. "But according to when — at what point — I think this is something that we really see at the end of the series."

That's what makes this show so great, characters may die off in the present, but it doesn't necessarily mean we won't see them in the past or future.

Both producers of the show, as well as cast members, have already confirmed that they filmed scenes for the series' ending. As for when that will be aired is undecided at this point.

If the end of Rebecca's story isn't told until the end of the series, this means fans may not know why Randall is going to see her by the end of Season 3. In fact, we may not know that portion of the story until the season finale, which in turn begs to question if the audience has already seen a glimpse of the final scenes the cast and crew already shot.

This portion of the story has been teasing fans since the ending of Season 2 and so far, nothing has been revealed in that portion of the storyline. Instead, its current season revolves around Jack's time in Vietnam, with the biggest mystery that left everyone on a cliff-hanger, is when Kevin discovered that Nicky — Jack's younger brother who was pronounced dead according to Jack's kids — is very much alive and living in Pennsylvania.

Co-showrunner, Elizabeth Burger, was asked by The Hollywood Reporter if they always knew Nicky was going to be alive when writing that portion of the series story, she said, "It's always been part of our plan. We came up with the entire Vietnam story within the first few weeks of our season this year. We had Tim O'Brien, our Vietnam consultant, in the writers room with us, and we always looked at it as this one big story."

"From the very beginning, it's been our plan," she continued. "Then it's just been what always is our challenge: When do we impart that different information throughout the season? [The winter finale] felt like the most exciting time to reveal that he is indeed still out there."


As for other details that fans were left to ponder on: Present day Beth and Randall have a huge argument over the Philadelphia election Randall was running in, and there's a possibility that future Beth and Randall aren't together anymore. Also, Rebecca spoke with her granddaughter, Tess, about opening up to her parents that she may like girls; and Toby and Kate find out they're having a boy and Kate decided to go back to college.

This Is Us returns to NBC with new episodes Tuesday, Feb. 12 at 9 p.m. ET.