'This Is Us' Sets Kevin's Upcoming Trip to Vietnam

This Is Us dove deeper into the mysterious woman from Jack's time in Vietnam during Tuesday's new [...]

This Is Us dove deeper into the mysterious woman from Jack's time in Vietnam during Tuesday's new episode.

Upon the realization that his father had given him the woman's old necklace when Robinson gave him the photo of the two of them, Kevin's (Justin Hartley) fascination with his dad's past only grew stronger.

"I really wish I knew what her name was, you know? Or anything about her, really," he says. "I mean she's wearing my dad's necklace."

Zoe (Melanie Liburd) is not listening to his worries, however, as she announces that she is done with her documentary.

"All that is left now is to not obsessively check my email while I wait to hear from film festivals," she says. Kevin hopes to celebrate with her but she decides to go to a hotel on her own, sticking to her tradition of treating herself.

"I can't have your obsession with that photo raining all over my 800-thread count sheet parade. And seriously, stop thinking about the photo," she says.

Later, Kevin calls Randall (Sterling K. Brown) so they can talk things out. The brothers meet at a Chinese restaurant and Kevin shows Randall the infamous photo.

"I mean, look at that, dad is definitely in love with that woman right?" Kevin says.

"I don't know. I can't read her face. Is it love? Or is it years of poverty or occupation by foreign governments?" Randall responds.

"He gave me her necklace, right? That means something," Kevin responds.

Randall wonders why Kevin is looking into this all the time. Kevin remembers a time when they tore down the wallpaper at their house, a symbol of his interest in "peeling" back the history of Jack's (Milo Ventimiglia) past. Randall is convinced that his father wouldn't want them to be poking around in that specific chapter.

Later, Randall enlists Kevin to help him with his campaign and Randall's "remarkable" drive is an inspiration for him.

"I can't let it go. I need to peel the wallpaper," Kevin says.

"I hope you find what you're looking for bud," Randall tells him.

Later, Kevin arrives at Zoe's hotel room and he apologizes for interrupting but he really wanted to be with her, and also breaks some news.

"I never really knew how to ask my dad things, or what to ask him really," he says, handing her a present. Inside, is an envelope with a visa application for a trip to Vietnam.

"I need to go there, Zoe, I'm going to go the place where my dad last served, I'm going to track down that woman and I'm going to figure out my dad's story... I know it sounds crazy, and I know it's even crazier that I'm asking you to come because our relationship is brand new... but I just figured the documentarian in you would dig it," he says.

"Vietnam, huh?.. Yeah," she says. Looks like the Vietnam trip teased in the season two finale is finally happening. Will we get our answers about Jack's past then?

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