'This Is Us' Fall Finale Ends With a Strenuous Cliffhanger

While the bulk of Tuesday night's This Is Us episode focused on Randall Pearson (Sterling K. Brown), the episode's twist ending had more to do with his brother Kevin (Kevin Pearson).

The ending of the episode, entitled "Number Three," catches Randall's plot up up with the ending of the "Number One" episode. Kevin comes over to Randall's home to confess his addiction to Randall, but stops when he learns about their sister Kate's (Chrissy Metz) miscarriage. Furthermore, he learns Randall has just had to send his the young girl they were fostering back to her biological mother.

Kevin is overwhelmed by all the pain his siblings are having to deal with compared to his own vices, so he chugs a glass of vodka and orange juice and rushes out of the kitchen.

He is then shown speeding down a highway while intoxicated. It's then revealed that Randall's daughter Tess (Eris Baker) stowed away in Kevin's backseat.

Kevin then gets pulled over and arrested for a DUI, and Randall and Beth are contacted about Tess' whereabouts.

The last we see of Kevin, he's in handcuffs next to a police car.


"Number Three" served as the show's midseason finale, so fans will have wait and see how Kevin's situation shakes out.

Photo Credit: NBC / Maarten de Boer