'The View': Whoopi Goldberg Sparks Concerns After Third Straight Sick Day

The View fans finally learned the cause of Whoopi Goldberg's recent three-day absence from the show. The show's 67-year-old moderator has not appeared on the program since Tuesday due to apparently battling a cold. "Whoopi's still out sick today," Joy Behar said at the top of Thursday's show, as reported by People. "She's got a bad virus of some sort." Her third consecutive day off sick made her miss the Friday, Feb. 24 broadcast, but she is never on the show on Fridays. "She'll be back next week," Behar continued. "She'll be back." As Behar revealed on Wednesday, "Whoopi is still out, coughing up. I'm sorry, you're stuck with us. She's fighting a bad cold." Sunny Hostin added, "Those colds are going around." The Black Panther actor Michael B. Jordan started off his segment on Tuesday, her first day away from work, with well-wishes, saying, "Shout out to Whoopi. Mwah! Get better."

There were legitimate concerns regarding Goldberg's well-being in the last few years since she has suffered a number of health issues. As a result of a severe case of sepsis and pneumonia in 2019, the EGOT was forced to leave The View for months before returning in April 2019. After making a surprise appearance during her long hiatus, she returned to the talk show in April 2019. Goldberg was sick again in November 2022 when she contracted COVID-19 for the second time, which forced her to leave her ABC daytime talk show for yet another extended period of time.

Sara Haines, one of Goldberg's co-hosts on The View, took over as moderator of the show. She was joined by Hostin and new co-hosts Ana Navarro and Alyssa Farah Griffin on the show. After the Christmas holiday break, Goldberg missed a few episodes after testing positive in January 2022. As part of her livestream to her co-hosts, she explained to them that she had been experiencing mild symptoms over the break and that she had taken some time off to rest as a result. "It was a shock, because I'm triple vaxxed, I haven't been anywhere, I haven't done anything," Goldberg said. "It's one of those things where you think, I've done everything I was supposed to do. Yeah, it doesn't stop omicron." As of now, it is unclear when Whoopi Goldberg will return to the daytime talk show.