'The View': Ana Navarro Slams 'Pathological President' Donald Trump Over Latest John McCain Comments

The View co-host Ana Navarro slammed "pathological President" Donald Trump on Thursday over his latest comments about the late Sen. John McCain.

This week, Trump spoke about McCain during a speech in Ohio, saying, "I gave him the kind of funeral he wanted — which, as president, I had to approve."

"I don't care about this," he continued, then adding that he "didn't get a thank you." Trump also said "a lot of people are asking me, because they love me, about a man named John McCain. I've never liked him much…probably never will."

Following Trump's comments, Navarro chided the president and said, "John McCain and Bernie Sanders passed the Choice and Accountability Act in 2014. It was signed by Barack Obama while you were calling into question his citizenship," then adding, "[and] veterans who served while you were pretending you had bone spurs."

"Why are so many Republicans silent about this too? Why are these cowards siding with a draft dodger over a war hero?" she asked, with McCain's daughter — her fellow co-host Meghan McCain — chiming in, "I don't like coming out here every day and having to do this. It's extremely emotionally exhausting."

"Every time he talks about it, we need to call it out. It's awkward for you. It's painful for you. It might be exhausting," Navarro then continued. "We cannot get exhausted. We cannot get tired of being outraged by what this man is doing to the presidency of the United States."

"He got the funeral that he deserved," she went on to say. "He got the funeral that he earned through more than 60 years of service and sacrifice and pain for this country, something that Donald Trump knows nothing about because for more than 70 years it's been all about Trump for him... He didn't approve anything other than the plane, which they could have gotten themselves. It was Congress who allowed John McCain to lay in state. It was the National Cathedral that allowed John McCain's mass to be held there."

"He also said that John McCain had not done anything for veterans, that John McCain had — you know, that they had failed in getting choice and accountability for many decades. Lie. you pathological president, liar, liar, liar," Navarro fumed.

At this time, Trump does not appear to have added anymore to his verbal attack on McCain.