'The Middle': The Heck Family Discovers a Shocking Truth About Their House in Halloween Episode

The Heck family have been going through their usual struggles each week on The Middle, but Tuesday night's episode sees them face something pretty gruesome.

Tuesday night's episode, entitled "Halloween VIII: Orson Murder Mystery," sees Frankie and Brick discovering that a woman died in the family's bathroom nearly 50 years ago.

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The episode follows their investigation into the death, which they thoroughly believe was murder.

Then the mother-and-son duo try to track down the real murderer of the woman, as patriarch Mike disapproves. Mike notes that the death was listed was "drowning due to cardiac arrest," but that's just not enough for Frankie.

The Middle fans are loving the eerie premise and took to Twitter fan-out over the episode, as well as reveal their own haunted tales.

See some of the best reactions below.


The Middle airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. EST on ABC.

Photo Credit: ABC / Michael Ansell