'The Masked Singer' Reveals Miss Monster, and It's a Music Icon

The Masked Singer has unmasked yet another celebrity on the Feb. 12 episode of the show. As revealed on the singing competition, Miss Monster was eliminated. After their elimination, it was revealed that Chaka Khan was behind the mask, much to fans' surprise.

Judges Robin Thicke and Nicole Scherzinger guessed correctly that it was the Queen of Funk. Khan has won numerous Grammys over the years and, most recently, released her latest album, Hello Happiness, in 2019 (the album was released 12 years after she released her previous, Grammy-winning album, Funk This).

There have already been a couple of celebrities unmasked on Season 3 singing competition, which premiered after the Super Bowl on Feb. 2. During the show's premiere, they unmasked the Robot, which turned out to be rapper Lil Wayne. On the Feb. 5 episode, the Llama was unmasked and revealed to have been Drew Carey.

"I did it for my kids," Wayne explained after his identity was revealed.

"I always hear everybody that does the show always talk about being how it is being behind the mask and all that," the rapper continued to say on the FOX program. "And how they feel by not being seen and having to go throughout a few days or whatever being, you know, all that stuff. I didn't get that feeling. Only thing I felt under the mask was, like, it was heavy. It was all good but I still didn't understand being behind the mask and feeling something different. I didn't get that feeling."

As for the Llama, er, Carey, he also opened up about his experience in an interview with Entertainment Weekly, which was published after his identity was revealed on the show. The Price is Right host told the publication that while he did take singing lessons in the past (for ABC's 2000 made-for-tv musical remake of Geppetto), he simply wanted to embrace the "celebrity karaoke" aspect of The Masked Singer.

"Yeah. I also did these local Hollywood Bowl shows every summer. That's something! I'm pretty self-aware. I know why they have someone like me on a show like this. It's not because they think I'm going to win or go deep," Carey told EW. "I just didn't want to embarrass myself. I treated it like everybody should treat it … It's celebrity karaoke with a mask. I just pretend like I'm at a karaoke bar where I don't expect to walk out with a record contract. People in the bar go like, "Wow, that was pretty good." That's all you want."


Photo Credit: FOX via Getty Images