'The Masked Singer' Fans Are Fuming Miss Monster Was Eliminated Before the White Tiger

The Masked Singer eliminated yet another contestant on the Feb. 12 episode. After the final four contestants of Group A performed (Group B, a new crop of contestants, will perform starting on Feb. 19), Miss Monster was eliminated and revealed to have been Chaka Khan. However, many fans of The Masked Singer were none too pleased to see that Miss Monster was eliminated before the White Tiger, and they had plenty to say about it on social media.

"The only reason #WhiteTigerMask is moving on is because he brings a level of humor to the show. However, he needs to go," one viewer wrote on Twitter.

"HOW on god's green earth is #MissMonsterMask going home before #WhiteTigerMask?" another shocked viewer wondered.

"Really, really upset that #MissMonsterMask is being unmasked tonight," yet another fan wrote. "This is ridiculous! How does #whitetigermask keep getting by!? What is going on with @MaskedSingerFOX!?"

"@MaskedSingerFOX Ok, this used to be my favorite show. This makes no sense at all. #whitetigermask should have been gone," another confused viewer wrote. "Why is it called the "Masked Singer# if the singer CANT SING!!!"

While many fans expressed shock over Miss Monster's elimination, the woman behind the mask, Khan, told Entertainment Weekly that she still had a ton of fun on the singing competition.

"I thought it was a really clever idea, especially to have people in costume who don't sing in costume. I thought that would be a clever and a fun thing to do," Khan said about the FOX program. "I just wanted to experience it, actually."

Since Khan has such a well-known voice, EW asked her whether she felt the need to try and disguise her voice in any way. According to the Queen of Funk, she didn't try to disguise her singing skills, but she did put in an effort to try to throw people off.

"It was really much harder for me to do that than to just to go on and sing the songs," she told the publication. "So I just sang songs that people would not expect me to sing, you know? That's where the rub came in."


"I didn't know how to feel. I didn't know what was going to happen," Khan added, when asked whether she thought that the judges would guess her so quickly. "I just sat back and listened to what people said. What can I do? It wasn't a competition for me, it was just something new and crazy to do."

Photo Credit: FOX via Getty Images