'The Good Fight' Season 5: Cast Struggles for Composure in Hilarious Gag Reel (Exclusive)

The Good Fight Season 5 is headed to DVD next month, and fans can now check out a hilarious gag reel of the show's cast hilariously struggling to maintain their composure while filming in a PopCulture.com exclusive. While the show may have a more serious tone, it's clear that behind the scenes the cast is having a blast together. From Audra McDonald to Mandy Patinkin and Cush Jumbo, the gag reel features a number of the show's stars breaking down in laughter while trying to deliver their lines.

The Good Fight is an original streaming spin-off to The Good Wife — created by Robert and Michelle King — focusing on the supporting parts of that universe and creating some quality work along the way. In addition to McDonald and Patinkin, the series also stars Christine Baranski and Charmaine Bingwa. Recurring actors for Season 5 include Hugh Dancy, Wayne Brady, Wanda Sykes, and Tony Plana. Fans can see more behind he scenes moments when The Good Fight Season 5 is released on May 5, on DVD. Ahead of the home video release, Paramount+ subscribers can catch up on past seasons of the show right now on the streaming service. Anyone who may be interested in trying out a free trial of Paramount+ can do so by clicking here.

After checking out all The Good Fight Season 5 DVD has to offer, fans can get excited for Season 6, which was previously announced by Paramount+ President of Original Scripted Series, Nicole Clemens. "The Good Fight's provocative, whip-smart, and the no-holds-barred world remains as relevant as ever, continuing to entice new audiences as one of Paramount+'s top-performing original series and acquisition drivers," Clemens said. "We are thrilled to continue The Good Fight's enduring legacy with a sixth season and can't wait to see what the brilliant minds behind the series, Robert and Michelle King, tackle next."

In a 2021roundtable interview, Baranski did with The Washington Post — which also included McDonald and the Kings — the series star opened up about what she'd like to see come from Season. "I'm sure everyone's feeling existential threat at this point, what with what is going on with our climate. I don't know how you make a series about climate change or impending doom without, you know, losing your audience," she said. "But I think by the time we go back to shooting, we're going to be addressing some really--we'll either find humor or we'll go dig very deep."

She continued, "And I'm all — I mean, one of the reasons I have loved doing this character and this show for all these years is because you get to bring your present self, your self-awareness and your sense of care about the world into the workplace. And to stay on top of current events means you bring it into your character and into your work. I hope things get better. I just want more conversations with Ruth Bader Ginsburg, who will keep me sane, and Elaine May."