'The Flight Attendant' Season 2 Premiere Date Revealed at HBO

Fans of HBO Max's The Flight Attendant are going to have to wait a little bit longer for season [...]

Fans of HBO Max's The Flight Attendant are going to have to wait a little bit longer for season two. Star Kaley Cuoco earned a Golden Globe nomination for her portrayal of the messy Cassie Bowden, the titular flight attendant, earning a new legion of fans beyond The Big Bang Theory. On Friday's investors' call, WarnerMedia CEO Jason Kila confirmed that the twisty comedy was set to return in Spring 2022. The series was renewed in December one day after the series premiere.

The first season was based on the 2018 Chris Bohjalian novel, which does not have a sequel. "I think that a second adventure would look something like if there were a whole new book, another Cassie Bowden: Flight Attendant adventure," showrunner Steve Yockey told TVLine. "What new trouble can she kind of stumble into, like a male Hitchcock protagonist? How can she get caught up in something that's bigger than herself?"

Although they aren't sure what it will look like in season two, Yockey confirmed that the "mind palace" device will return "in some way, shape, or form" although "it would look different." Unfortunately for Game of Thrones fans, Michiel Huisman's Alex would not be returning.

"In our finale, she has that beautiful moment where she walks through the mind palace and shuts it all down, basically, so I think that iteration of the mind palace is done," Yockey said. "That one has to do with Alex, and she's moved on from that, but there would be some new version of it that would have to exist in a series, I think."

Cuoco told Entertainment Tonight that she loved playing Cassie and getting to dig into the complex role. "I loved everything about her," she said. "Obviously, this girl struggles and she's got a lot of emotional turmoil, and as we find out in the eight episodes, a lot goes back to her childhood, which is something she's been running from her entire life. And alcohol is what makes her escape from what has truly happened to her. The trauma of waking up [after] this murder, it's just adding on and bringing her back to her childhood."

I got to play so many different emotions that I've never been able to do before. I've never had the opportunity, so this was my time," Cuoco said about her role in the murder mystery. "In the last few episodes, she really hits rock bottom and I think I went into the hair and makeup room maybe twice 'cause we just kind of let everything go. And it was so cool 'cause it felt so real and authentic. I'm like, shouldn't look her best. This is not [that], you know what I mean? So it was kind of cool to get authentic and real and play it as real as I possibly could."