'The Conners' Welcomes New Cast Member Maya Lynne Robinson as DJ's Wife Geena in First Look Photos

The Conners will be reuniting DJ Conner and daughter Mary with his wife Geena, though she will be [...]

The Conners will be reuniting DJ Conner and daughter Mary with his wife Geena, though she will be looking a little different from how she looked in the Roseanne reboot.

The ABC spinoff series took to Twitter Friday to tease the reunion of DJ's (Michael Fishman) family, as his wife Geena was revealed to be stationed in the Middle East during the Roseanne revival season.

"The little girl that DJ was reluctant to kiss is all grown up. Welcome to [The Conners] Maya Lynne," the tweet read, alongside photos of the Fishman, Jayden Rey (who plays the role of Mary) and Lynne Robinson, who will take over the role for the new series.

Robinson tweeted out a message celebrating her new role shortly after: "So excited to join this family! Catch me on [The Conners]."

Robinson will take over the role of Geena Williams-Conner from The Mindy Project actress Xosha Roquemore, who played the role in an episode of the Roseanne revival back in May featuring the family calling her while stationed in Afghanistan on a video chat.

The revival revealed during the first episode that DJ married the African-American classmate he once refused to kiss during the popular season seven episode "White Men Can't Kiss." Twenty years later, the couple married and share daughter Mary.

Also during the first episode it was revealed that both DJ and Geena were in the army, and he had returned to Lanford to care for his daughter while Geena finished her duties in Afghanistan.

It was not immediately revealed what led the role to be recast for The Conners, though that is not the biggest change that inspired the series, which is set to premiere later this fall.

The character of Geena was previously played by actresses Rae'Ven Larrymore Kelly in season 7 and Jahmeela Biggs in season 10. Robinson takes over the role for The Conners. She was previously seen in an episode of CBS' Mom and the miniseries Mondays. She is also known for creating the 2017 television series Gurl.

The Conners, born from the sudden cancellation of the Roseanne revival after racist remarks on social media by star Roseanne Barr, will follow the family as they deal with a "sudden turn of events" that cause them to deal with life without Roseanne Conner. The entire cast from the revival, except for Barr, are expected to reprise their roles on the new series.

The series is set to premiere Tuesday, Oct. 16 at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.