'The Conners' Premiere Featured Some Very Special Cameos You Might Have Missed

The Conners are back for season four! ABC's popular Roseanne spinoff's season 4 premiere featured real-life fans and entertaining storylines. The fourth season premiere episode titled Trucking Live in Front of a Fully Vaccinated Studio Audience truly incorporated life in the COVID-19 world. 

Mark (Ames McNamara) got to work on a school project that forced him to touch base with some relatives. Fans were "cast" acting as those relatives. Mark sought out to collect information from family members to research how much genetics may influence a person's decision-making.

Fans of the show from all across the U.S. entered a sweepstakes in hopes of appearing on the show. The gag was that no one knew who won until their phone rang. Similarly, the cast and crew of the show also didn't know what they would say when they were live on the air. The fan appearances made for a memorable episode. 

Exploring the new relationship dynamics of the characters was also a central part of the premiere. Darlene (Gilbert) revealed to Ben (Jay R. Ferguson) she invited Jeff (Brian Austin Green) to Hawaii. Louise (Katey Sagal) told Dan (Goodman) she preferred "a big, fancy wedding." Darlene sought the assistance of a psychic who declined her reading because of Darlene's lack of spirituality. She then tried to change her atheistic ways with research and prayer.

As it turns out, Darlene and Mark's stories would connect. Mark's discovered his family from around the country wasn't doing so bad. Darlene's failed attempt at religion showed her that "genes set you off in a direction, but you can change that direction."

The Conners airs Wednesdays at 9 p.m. on ABC. The show is a continuation of the Roseanne reboot. It was created amid the cancellation of Roseanne in May 2018.