'The Conners': Becky Considers Adoption After Surprise Pregnancy

The Conners saw Becky consider a shocking alternative in order to raise her future baby during [...]

The Conners saw Becky consider a shocking alternative in order to raise her future baby during Tuesday's episode.

The ABC comedy series toyed with the idea of the Conner sibling giving up her baby after frequent restaurant customers Bridget and Maria offered Becky that they could adopt her child, and she could help raise it.

"We know that you're worried about raising this baby alone, and you know that we've been looking to adopt... what do you think about all of us doing this together?" Bridget asks Becky.

They then offer to adopt her baby and that she could be involved in the baby's life but it would live with them and they would pay for all of its expenses.

"Wow, I did not see this coming," Becky says. "This is a lot... I just need sometime to think."

That night, Becky arrives at the couple's house a little late and seemingly nervous.

"I've just been walking around for the last two hours and... I think I've made a decision," Becky tells Bridget. "I want to do that thing where I raise the baby with you guys."

"Really? Oh my God," Bridget says before she calls Maria inside the house to tell her the news. They agree to talk more specifics later, and Bridget gives her a sweet hug.

Back at the house, Becky wakes Darlene (Sara Gilbert) up and she tells her what she just did.

"Well now you got me hooked, go on," Darlene says.

Becky explains the open adoption and Darlene asks her why she made the decision before talking to her. Becky says that she feels she will be a bad mom and a conversation with Andrea (Sarah Chalke) only validated her fears further.

"Becky, I know you're worried about money but we can figure out a way to get yo some assistance," Darlene suggests.

Becky says money is not the only problem, and says that she has been struggling with her desire to drink since she's been pregnant.

"I'm a drunk Darlene, and I don't want to screw up some kids life," Becky says. After the pair drink some coffee, Becky says how she could be a good mother if she's an alcoholic.

Darlene promises that the baby would not be left alone and the whole family would come together. After the heart-to-heart, Becky says she has changed her mind and she thanks her sister for her support.

At the end of the episode, Becky tells Bridget and Maria that she reconsidered whether she could raise her baby on her own thanks to the support of her family, leaving the couple disheartened with the news. She walks away for her break at work before they can say much on the matter.

Will this be the end of the adoption storyline or will we see more of Bridget and Maria? The Conners airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on ABC.