'The Cleaning Lady' Kills off Major Character in Season 3, Episode 6

The Fox drama said goodbye to Arman Morales, played by Adan Canto, who passed away in January.

The Cleaning Lady has officially wrapped up the storyline for Adan Canto's character. The late actor portrayed Arman Morales on the Fox series, and prior to his death, he had to step away from the third season because of his health. While the drama planned on including him later in the series, Canto passed away in January at 42 after a private battle with appendiceal cancer. Arman had gone missing in the Season 3 premiere following a shootout, with Thony and Nadia trying to locate him.

In Season 3, Episode 6, "El Reloj," Elodie Yung's Thony was finally getting close to bringing Arman back home. She received intel that Clayton Cardenas' Dante might have been responsible for Arman's capture, which sent Thony and Eva De Dominici's Nadia on a search. While the two were able to catch up with the truck that was transporting Arman, and with confirmation (and TV magic) that he was in the vehicle, Arman intercepted a bullet aimed at Thony. After the shot fired, the truck Arman was in swerved off a cliff. Thony later looked over the cliff to see for herself, with her expression more than confirming that Arman was dead.

While the death wasn't so surprising since it would be hard to watch the series if they had just recast Arman, that doesn't make it any less sad. It's also the fact that writers had him risk his life that makes it all the more bittersweet. There was no telling how The Cleaning Lady would write off Arman, and the scene was as emotional as ever.

The emotions didn't stop there. At the end of the episode, clips from Season 1 were shown on screen of Thony and Arman dancing together and sharing a kiss. The Cleaning Lady also paid tribute to Adan Canto with a title card that read "In Loving Memory – Adan Canto." It's likely the series will show the aftermath of Arman's death and how it's affecting Thony. But fans may want to prepare themselves with some tissues in case more emotions flow.

It's clear that both Canto and Arman made an impact on The Cleaning Lady, and it's definitely going to be hard to continue to watch the series without him. Fans will have to tune in to new episodes of The Cleaning Lady on Mondays at 8 p.m. ET on Fox to see what happens next.