'The Blacklist' Season Finale: Red's Life at Risk After Surprising Reunion

The Blacklist Season 6 finale focused mostly on the mysterious assassination attempt President Robert Diaz planned on himself, but a last-second twist revealed a shocking truth and left a major character in mortal danger.

Spoilers ahead for The Blacklist Season 6, Episode 22 ("Robert Diaz")

The Season 6 finale picked up in the midst many of the task force members being locked in a big orange box by President Robert Diaz (Benito Martinez) and his adviser Anna McMahon (Jennifer Ferrin), as Liz Keen (Megan Boone) his and attempts to set them free in time to stop the confusion assassination attempt.

Despite the lockdown on the facility, Red (James Spader) infiltrates the building with a small army to set everyone free. After meeting up with Liz, Red and his men get the team out of their cage just in time for them to get away before Anna can stop them from leaving.

As the team plans their next move, knowing that the president and his team have posted their faces and names in the biggest Most Wanted lists, Red sets a plan in motion to stop the assassination from happening. Liz announces she is excited for all the drama to be over so she can bring her daughter Agnes back home.

Meanwhile, Red questions Donald about his investigation into his real identity, which had recently been revealed to be Ilya Koslov.

As President Diaz goes on stage at a university event, Red meets with a man and confirms that the story Liz was told about his identity was a lie, and the man will be doing something for him that will ensure that Liz and Agnes will finally be safe.

Outside of the president's appearance the riot the team plans begins to happen outside as the task force infiltrates the event. Liz and Donald rush to where the shooter is, but he aims for the First Lady and shoots before they get to him. The shooter, a secret service agent, frames Donald and Liz for the attempt on the president and his wife.

As Red and Harold attempt to find out where the team is being taken after their capture, the President lashes out at his team when the assassination goes wrong.

After Red runs over the van transporting the task force with his car, he helps them escape the dangerous situation. Donald kills the shooter, but Anna puts a gun to Red's head. Luckily Dembe (Hisham Tawfiq) makes a surprise return just in time to kill Anna before she kills Red.

Back at the safe house, Red realizes who the real target of the assassination was actually the president's wife all along. Harold and Red then head to the hospital and visit the First Lady.

After some pushing from Red, the First Lady realizes her husband wants to kill her because she was the only person who knew he had covered up a hit-and-run just months before the primary, and she was forcing him to go public about his crimes. The reveal leads to the President's resignation and the FBI opens a criminal investigation to send him to prison.

After solving the case, Liz reunites with her daughter and tells Red how happy she is to finally know who he is and the story behind her family's past. Red leaves the mother and daughter to be together, and he heads back to the meeting place with the mysterious man.


He says that he found "her" in Paris. Red seems shocked by the revelation and asks for the address. The season comes to a shocking end in Paris, with Red reuniting with Katarina Rostova — Liz's mother who was believed to have died — for the first time. The pair share a kiss, and after Red tells her she is not safe, she stabs him in the stomach and her henchmen take him away.

Is Katarina really evil? Will Red survive his injuries? Will we ever find out the truth about who he is? The Blacklist has already been renewed for Season 7 on NBC.