'The Big Bang Theory' Fans Celebrate Raj Finally Getting Engaged

On The Big Bang Theory Thursday night, Raj finally got engaged! He said yes to Anu, a woman his [...]

On The Big Bang Theory Thursday night, Raj finally got engaged! He said yes to Anu, a woman his father set him up with.

During the season 12 premiere last week, Raj (Kunal Nayyar) announced he was finally going to give into his parents' wishes and allow them to arrange a marriage. In "The Procreation Calculation," we finally met the woman - Anu, played by guest star Rati Gupta.

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Throughout the episode, the two went on two dates and Raj realizes he surprisingly liked Anu. During their second date though, Raj admitted to being a "hopeless romantic" and thought it was wrong for the two of them to get married after knowing each other for such a small amount of time.

"This is not the story I want to tell my grandkids," he told her.

Just as he was about to leave, Anu stopped him to tell him he would be a good father "and you're tall enough, so I can wear heels."

She continued, "I think that's something worth fighting for."

Then, Anu got down on one knee and proposed to Raj. He then had to say "yes!" The two kissed before the scene faded to black.

Fans at home were so excited to see Raj finally get engaged.

One fan thought Raj might be jumping the gun though.

"If this is what Raj wants.. Then I'm happy for him," one fan wrote.

Another fan thought the engagement was a "shocker."

The other plot in the new episode centered on Penny and Leonard's debate over having children. After trying out Raj's wedding questionnaire, Penny revealed that she did not want to have kids, which surprised Leonard. This also disappointed Amy, who is afraid her children with Sheldon will now never make friends.

Later on, Leonard told Penny he was happy with the things he has and tried not to dwell on the things he doesn't, like getting a chance to drive the Batmobile or winning a Nobel prize. Being married to Penny is more than enough, but her father might not be too happy about not getting grandkids.

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