Talk Show Host Claps Back at Viewers Who Tell Her to 'Shut Up'

One talk show host is not going to take it from her viewers. Denise Welch, the star of the British talk show Loose Women, was talking about filling awkward silences in conversations on the show with co-stars Ruth Langford, Katie Piper and Jane Moore. Welch, 64, opened up about the experiences she had with people when they tell her she talks too much. 

When viewers tell Welch to "shut up" or "be quiet," she shuts them down by telling them, "Don't watch it then!" She went on to say, "I do tend to be a little bit of a filler. Sometimes with shy people, I understand it's not their fault, but sometimes shy people suck the energy out of you. It's difficult to be the person to make the conversation all the time," according to Daily Star.

Loose Women began airing in 1999, and Welch first appeared on the show in 2001. She was on the show regularly from 2005 to 2013 and returned in 2018. Along with Loose Women, Welch has appeared on various British TV shows and movies over the years including Celebrity Big Brother

Recently, Welch was on the British Soap Oprea Hollyoaks, and it's one of the few soap operas she has starred in during her career. "When I was offered this job, the casting people told my agent that 'it had Denise written all over it,'" Welch told Inside Soap last year. "And if anything's going to lure you in, that is! All of my 'Oh, I don't want to do a soap again because it means I'll have to get up too early' went out the windows as soon as I heard that. And when I started talking to the producers about the character, it was too good an opportunity to pass up."


Welch is also known for getting into battles with Piers Morgan. In August 2020, Welch went after Morgan for making light of the COVID-19 pandemic. "Piers Morgan tweeting that 'this pandemic has barely started' is utterly disgraceful," Welch tweeted. "Has he no respect for the mental health of this country which is at an all time low. Look at the f......g data Piers. 147,000 hospital beds, 540 with Covid. A tiny proportion of those in ICU."