'Supernatural' Alum Mark Sheppard Says He Was 'Humbled' By His 6 Heart Attacks

Sheppard suffered six massive heart attacks in December and was hospitalized for almost a week.

Supernatural star Mark Sheppard is feeling as grateful as ever following his health scare. In December, the actor was hospitalized for almost a week after having six heart attacks. Appearing as a guest on Michael Rosenbaum's Inside of You podcast, Sheppard opened up about what the aftermath has been like. Via TheWrap, Sheppard admitted he is grateful.

"I was in a massive change spot," he explained. "I'm in a change position. I am hungry to do something now. I've done what I've been doing… I've had these incredible moments, 'In the Name of the Father,' television stuff, Battlestar, Supernatural, for what it is, absolutely incredible. Changed my life. My life would not be the same without it. I'm ready for my next and I'm going to do something about this. And as I do it, it's like, 'Oh, by the way, you need to fix this.'"

Following the heart attacks, Sheppard shared that fitness and health have been important to him, and he's ashamed of plastic surgery. "It's humbling," he said. "The tummy tuck thing was embarrassing, but it was the best thing I could do with a massive cancer scar, but I couldn't lose weight because my heart wasn't functioning."

Going through something like that is life-changing, both physically and mentally. Sheppard has been keeping his followers updated on his status on Instagram and seems to be doing well these days. Considering what he went through, it's a miracle he's at the place he's at. It sounds like he's got a different outlook on life now, and it's not easy to get past what happened to him.

Mark Sheppard made his Supernatural debut as the demon, and later King of Hell, Crowley, during the fifth season of the CW series. The fan-favorite villain and sometimes ally sacrificed himself in the Season 12 finale. He can most recently be seen in the now-canceled series Doom Patrol and Walker: Independence and is set to appear in the upcoming crime film Over the Edge. It's possible he's not taking as many acting roles right now due to his recovery, but once he starts getting back into the game, it's going to be exciting to see him back on the screen.

It's so great to see Sheppard doing well, especially after what he went through. He likely still has a long road of recovery left, but he is already looking and sounding like it never even happened. And he definitely is not the only one who is grateful.