'Sunnyside' Star Joel Kim Booster Bashes NBC's Decision to Cancel Show and Replace It With the 'All-White' 'Will & Grace'

Sunnyside star Joel Kim Booster is not happy about the new NBC comedy series being pulled from the primetime schedule. NBC announced Tuesday the new comedy series would air one final episode on television before moving strictly to the NBC App, NBC.com and other digital platforms. The show's Thursdays at 9:30 p.m. ET timeslot will be filled by the final season of Will & Grace, which was originally set to premiere in early 2020.

Booster quickly reacted to the news of the show's effective cancellation, as well as the news the diverse series would be replaced with an "all-white" show.

"To find out our show is getting pulled and replaced with an all-white cast ON Columbus Day? You can't write this stuff folks. Our time slot literally got colonized!!" the actor wrote on Twitter, along with the USA Today story that broke the news.

He quickly returned to the show to clarify the show will continue to air in digital platforms. The news also included the announcement NBC announced an additional episode for the show, extending its order to an 11-episode season.

The remaining seven episodes will be made available to stream weekly.

"To clarify: next week NBC has moved us to streaming, which has given the us(sic) all a new way to describe the only slightly problematic among us. Instead of a full cancelation you can now say a comedian has been 'moved to https://NBC.com' if they don't say the FULL slur." Booster added.

The actor then added a nice message to his co-stars and the crew behind the scenes.

"Had a blast working on this show, with these people, and encourage y'all to watch our last televised ep this week and continue to support it online wherever it lands. Also DM me if you want to know how I really feel in a way I'm fully allowed to say," he wrote.


Sunnyside centered on a former New York council played by Kat Penn, who finds his calling when he started helping immigrants find their path toward citizenship and the American Dream. Booster plays Jun Ho, a member of a wealth Asian family. The series also starred Diana-Maria Riva, Kiran Diol, Poppy Liu, Moses Storm and Samba Schutte. The series will air its final episode on TV Thursday at 9:30 p.m. ET. on NBC.

Will & Grace will take over the timeslot on Oct. 24, securing an early premiere after the show had originally been held for midseason.