'Station 19': Major Character Gets Arrested in Season 2 Finale

Station 19 traveled to Los Angeles during the Season 2 finale, but trouble was waiting for one fan-favorite character when they got back home to Seattle.

Spoilers ahead for Station 19 Season 2, Episode 17 ("Into the Wildfire")

The eventful episode began with Pruitt (Miguel Sandoval) and Ryan (Alberto Frezza) going to pick up Travis Montgomery (Jay Hayden) in jail after he was arrested for starting a fight with another firefighter who insulted Vic (Barrett Doss) during Ripley's memorial. The fight left Travis in series heat later in the episode.

With the rest of the team already on their way to Los Angeles to help respond to a massive fire, the three colleagues headed down to California leading them to the emergency center, as Andy (Jaina Lee Ortiz), Sullivan (Boris Kodjoe) and the rest of the crew responded to the fire in a neighborhood.

Ben (Jason George) and the rest of the team befriended a survivalist couple, played by Dallas alum Patrick Duffy and Randee Heller, who helped them out with trying to keep their home safe until the fire started to arrive to the area.

When an injured patient arrives in the center, Travis gets help treating the injury by a handsome firefighter named Dylan (Nyle DiMarco). Travis seems confused when the firefighter doesn't speak while they treat the patient, but afterward he realizes Dylan is deaf.

As the fire approaches the home, Terry (Duffy) gets injured while trying to help and it seems like a fatal injury. Ben remembers his surgical training and realizes that the only option is to amputate his hand, though the reckless decision comes back to bite him.

Travis continues to befriend Dylan, who in sign language keeps telling how cute he is but Travis can't understand, the Los Angeles firefighter comes up with a solution after the Station 19 squad is caught in the middle of the fire and help is unable to reach them. When he suggests an alternative route to get to them, his superiors refuse to listen to him, but Travis advocates for him and the route leads to them saving the crew.

After the crew arrives at the center, Dylan tells Jack (Grey Damon) via sign language that he is attracted to Travis, and after Jack fills him in, the two firefighters kiss and agree to exchange numbers.

Upon their return to Seattle the show gives a few curveballs to the crew, including Dean (Okieriete Onaodowan) finding out that his new girlfriend and Maya (Danielle Savre) used to date, Ben faces trouble during his Medic One interview when the board questions his recklessness and Andy and Sullivan finally hookup, but Sullivan stops it when he secretly begins to feel pain from his leg injury.


The biggest shocker comes for Travis, who after texting Dylan, he opens his door and finds two police officers coming to arrest him after revealing that the man he hit at the memorial had filed assault charges against him.

Will Travis end up in prison? Will Dylan move to Seattle? Station 19 will return for Season 3 in 2020 on ABC.