'Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge' Star Anna Marie Dobbins Talks Becoming Melissa

Joining the cast of a beloved Lifetime movie franchise can be intimidating, butit was one wild ride for Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge star Anna Marie Dobbins.

The breakout star of the latest Stalked By My Doctor film opened up to PopCulture.com about getting cast out of hundreds of other actresses, learning from franchise star Eric Roberts and the one thing about her "creepy" character she loved playing.

The film finds mentally disturbed lead Dr. Albert Beck (Roberts) still reeling from being found not guilty of the kidnapping and attempted murder of a former patient. The doctor lands a teaching job at a prestigious Arizona medical school where he develops a quick crush on new student, Melissa (Dobbins), and begins to struggle with his growing obsession with the young student.

Dobbins revealed the casting process for the film was like any typical audition process, only instead of getting multiple callbacks, the process took only one audition.

"I remember seeing all the many girls that I was up against, it was like 100 that day, which was insane," she said.

"I went in for the audition, the director (Doug Campbell) was actually in the room, he was like 'I don't want to wait for the callbacks," she added. "Then I got a call about a week later that they wanted to book me for the role."

(Photo: Instagram/Anna Marie Dobbins)

Dobbins, who also appeared on series like The Vampire Diaries, said that the turnaround between auditioning and the first day of shooting was about a week and a half, so preparing for the role involved "countless nights" of coming up with Melissa's backstory.

"This wasn't the story of Melissa and her life necessarily, it just kind of picks up later in her life so there's not that much information that you're given," She said. "So, as an actor you have to figure out who you are, what's your history?"

"I really dove into trying to figure out exactly who she was," Dobbins added.

Starring in a beloved Lifetime movie, Dobbins knew the pressure was on come premiere night on June 10, as fans flocked to discuss the new "dumb blonde" who seemingly knew nothing of the doctor's disturbing reputation.

"It was funny because we did a premiere and we were watching the tweets live, as they were watching and people were like, 'This dumb blonde, what is she doing? Doesn't she know he is ... his reputation' and all this kind of stuff," Dobbins said of fan reaction. "And then the twist happens and they're like 'what the heck I didn't see this coming!' It was so funny watching the people live-tweet about it. It was hysterical.

"The fans are wonderful," she added. "They've reached out to me, they've reached out to all of the other cast as well. They loved my role, obviously they love Eric Roberts. So, yeah it was just a lot of fun, stepping into something that's already an established thing."

As for working with Roberts? Dobbins shared the leading actor is quite the prankster on set, as well as an inspiration.

"I didn't have one dull moment on set with him," she said. "He's definitely a set clown, he loves to joke around with everyone, pull pranks. He's hilarious and you can just tell he loves it.

"Being around people that just love what they do and have done as much as he's done, you can't ask for anything better," she continued. "He's so inspirational and great to work with."

"It's kind of intimidating when you have to co-star with someone of that status, but I never felt intimidated once I was actually there. He was very welcoming and very inclusive. It was all you could ask for."

With fans calling "Patient's Revenge" their favorite movie in the Stalked By My Doctor franchise, Dobbins said she would love to return if there's another installment.


For now, however, Dobbins is working on some upcoming projects still being kept underwrapps. Though she did tease horror fans might like her upcoming project for CryptTV, details still to be announced.

Stalked By My Doctor: Patient's Revenge is playing periodically on Lifetime this summer, and is available in certain on demand services. Keep up with Dobbins on social media on Twitter and Instagram @amdobbins91.