'Sons of Anarchy' Star Kristen Renton Reveals Depression Struggle

Former Sons of Anarchy and Days of Our Lives actress Kristen Renton recently opened up about her inner struggles dealing with depression in a lengthy Instagram post. The 36-year-old went in-depth about her daily struggles that have been going on for a few years.

"I have felt isolated, lonely and depressed," Renton explained in her post. "Do people care about me for me? Or because I have been on TV? I have been trapped in a constant guessing game of what people's true intentions really are.... Always smiling on the outside, because that is what is expected of me."

She went on to talk about her others upon learning about her true feelings questioned what she had to be depressed for because she is a famous actress. To that, she said, "So much of this life is smoke and mirrors."

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The rest of the post shares how Renton feels as though the pressures of Hollywood and stardom can force people into a box, but she doesn't want to cave in to that pressure. She says her "soul is too pure for that."

She wrapped up her post with words of encouragement.

"It is your life, and we all only get one. Live it, love it, and never look back," Renton concluded.

Fans of the actress applauded her honestly, with many taking to the comments section to share their support.

"The world needs you to be you. I'm glad that you know who and what you are," one fan wrote.

"When you have yourself and you are true to yourself, then you have everything. That is real freedom," another added. "Nothing on the outside can give you the inner joy, but inner joy changes everything on the outside. Keep shining, friend [heart emoji] and wear that white shawl once in awhile [winky face emoji]."

"Thank you for this heartfelt post, being real is underrated but it's a quality I value more than anything. Like many people I knew you through your role in SOA and I am SO glad it lead me to your account. Some actors I like for their characters, some I respect tremendously for their soul," another wrote. "Everything you write sounds pure and beautiful. I can relate to a lot of the struggles you describe in this post, even though they take a different form and shape in my life. I'm glad you decided not to sell out, not to bow. I hope that being yourself makes you feel happy and confident and like you're going in the right direction. I need to find that same strength! Sending you lots of love."


Earlier in the year Renton shared another personal message on her Instagram after the loss of her childhood friend. At the time, she mentioned how the loss "hit me like a ton of bricks."

Renton most notably played the recurring role of Ima Tite on Sons of Anarchy.