'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Kurt Sutter Confirms Biblical Ties to Show's Ending

Even though Sons of Anarchy went off the air back in 2014, showrunner Kurt Sutter has been indulging fans with extended Q&A sessions on social media while he's in quarantine. The latest question came from one viewer who asked Sutter if the show's closing moments, which featured the suicide of Jax Teller (Charlie Hunnam), was "a biblical reminder." Sutter, of course, posted his response to Twitter on Tuesday, along with his usual sense of humor.

"Reminder? Arms outstretched as the son dies, thorns, bread, blood..." Sutter wrote. "If I hit you over the head any harder with Christian symbolism, the Vatican would've sued me for copyright infringement." The scene in question featured Jax on his motorcycle and driving into an oncoming truck. While Jax had worked his way up to club president during the show's seven-season run, he was ultimately unable to fulfill the wishes of his father, John Teller, the Sons' founding member.

Sutter had previously revealed on social media the reason he decided to have Jax take his own life in the series finale. "I think so many things factored into that fateful decision," Sutter explained. "Tara, Gemma, his father, the club... But mostly it was about ending the lineage of Tellers being associated with the outlaw life. The mayhem had to end with him. He did not want his sons to follow in his path."

In one of the most talked-about revelations, Sutter also detailed that he'd planned on making several shows that would've been part of the larger Sons universe. While the spinoff series, Mayans M.C., is currently airing on FX, there were two additional series planned, including one that would've focused on the fate of Jax's sons.


"I had this revelation between SoA and Mayans," Sutter wrote. "That the SoA mythology would be four shows. Sons of Anarchy, Mayans, M.C., First Nine and Sam Crow. First Nine would be a limited series. Nine episodes. It would end before we began to tread on history we created in Sons. Sam Crow would be the fate of Wendi, Nero, Abel and Thomas. I can't discuss my current situation with Fox, so right now I can't comment on the reality of any of this happening."

Sutter has also teased he's written a new series pilot but added that it's currently in limbo given to mass shutdowns across the entertainment industry. In the meantime, all seven seasons of Sons of Anarchy, along with the first two seasons of Mayans M.C., are available to stream on Hulu.