‘Sons of Anarchy’ Creator Kurt Sutter Speaks out About Incest Storyline

Kurt Sutter has touched on some of the biggest storylines from his Sons of Anarchy series while in quarantine amid the coronavirus outbreak. Among the topics he has covered during his open forum sessions on social media, Sutter has really shined a light on the star of the show, Jax Teller who was played by Charlie Hunnam.He documented the relationship between Jax and his mother, Gemma, when one fan asked him why it took so long for Jax to turn on his mother. Sutter also spoke about the mysterious hooded woman that follows Jax throughout the series.

In one of the more bizarre storylines the show ever saw, one follower wanted to know just exactly what happened to Jax's sister, Trinity, and the weird relationship that was close to happening. During the third season in which the MC was in Ireland, Jax meets Trinity, the daughter of Maureen Ashby, later discovering that John Teller is her father, making her Jax's half-sister. The information is revealed to him just before the two sleep together.

"That would fell under the category of 'letting the audience hold the rest of the story in their imagination,' but thank you for remembering that story arc," Sutter wrote on April 14 in his Instagram story. "For some reason, incest makes people uncomfortable and I think a lot of fans would rather forget about that near-consummated act. Although I clearly stole it from George Lucas. Lest we forget that in the original Star Wars Luke wanted to f— Leia."

Along with providing a truly behind-the-scenes look into the thought process behind Jax, Sutter was asked a handful of other more general questions to the show. One of those was about which character's death hit him the hardest. To no surprise for fans of the show, it was Jax's best friend, Opie. "Killing off Opie f—ed me up for a while," Sutter wrote. "As it did most of the entire cast and crew. It's heavy."

He also revealed who some of his favorite celebrity guest stars who appeared in the series were. Before mentioning names like Stephen King and Henry Rollins, he answered, "Donal Logue, Ray McKinnon, Robin Weigert, Paula Malcomso and Kim Pickens."


Sons of Anarchy is now available for streaming on Hulu. For those looking to catch up on the series, start it for the first time or re-binge the series, here is a list of links for streaming.

Photo Credit: Jerod Harris/Getty Images