'Sons of Anarchy' Creator Dishes on Gemma and Tig's 'Sexual Tension'

Sons of Anarchy fans have been loving the candidness of the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, over the [...]

Sons of Anarchy fans have been loving the candidness of the show's creator, Kurt Sutter, over the past few months. Sutter has been an open book for fans of the FX series ever since the coronavirus put a halt on the country, and has remained as active as ever, answering questions once again on Tuesday about some of the major and minor storylines that carried throughout the seven seasons.

Among the batch of his most recent questions included one interesting one that was underlying throughout the series: What is the sexual tension between Tig & Gemma? To provide some clarity, Tig remains a bachelor throughout the series while Gemma is first married to Jax Teller's father, John, before marrying Clay Morrow after his death. Throughout the seven seasons, there's always some back-and-forth between Tig and Gemma that led fans to wonder if there was ever anything going on between the two over the years. Sutter got, well, very candid in sharing his thoughts on the situation, "We're pretty sure there were a few multi-partnered events with Clay, Gemma, Tig, Croweaters and the occasional corpse," Sutter began his response. He added that even so, "it is not cool to wet-bump another man's old lady."

While Sutter took a light-hearted, joking response to the question, he did answer some more heavy-hitting questions about the show's biggest character, Jax. One follower wondered what would have changed for Jax had his wife, Tara, not been murdered by Gemma. Sutter suggested that things would have been different to a degree, mostly that Jax may not killed himself as he did in the series finale. He did note that while things would have gone differently, Jax always had this vision of ending his ties to the club at some point and keeping his sons out of the life he had, so going out how he did probably would have happened in some way or another.

In a previous Q&A session, Sutter added more about Jax's fate when one user wondered about the relationship between he and Gemma. Sutter said Jax took so long in killing his mother in the final season because he couldn't get past the fact that she was his mom and that she could do something as heinous as killing his wife.

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