'Sons of Anarchy' Alum Ron Perlman Receives COVID-19 Vaccine: 'Grateful'

Ron Perlman is the latest celebrity to receive the COVID-19 vaccination. The former Sons of Anarchy star shared a photo of himself seated in his car receiving the vaccine in his left arm as he wrote the caption, “Grateful.” Perlman even got involved in the comments section after seeing plenty of people sharing their thoughts about the vaccine underneath his photo. “Just looking at some of the comments,” the actor wrote. “I got a request: would everybody that thinks Donald Trump in any way shape or form is an acceptable human being please unfollow.”

Throughout Trump’s four-year term and in the days since his exit as President Joe Biden succeeded him in the White House, Perlman was as vocal as anyone when it came to sharing his political point of view. He even addressed the sheer volume of tweets and posts he made over Trump’s term in a separate tweet on Jan. 7. “For five years I’ve spent way too much of my time yelling and screaming about the danger of Donald Trump,” Perlman explained. “I take absolutely no pleasure in being right. Just get this piece of s--- out of our sight. Stat.” During Biden’s inauguration, Perlman, to no surprise, was glad to see the former president’s term come to an end. In another tweet, the Hellboy actor said the “absence” of kindness, compassion and respect over the last four years has been a real issue for the country, “The absence of all that these last four years have been a stark reminder that nothing must be taken for granted.”

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Since his exit from the White House, Trump has remained fairly quiet from a national standpoint. His most recent announcement came on Monday evening in which his team shared the creation of “The Office of the Former President,” which will be an office in Florida that will handle Trump’s future appearances and media events along with his statements. Before this came out, Perlman had wondered why Trump was so quiet, hinting at Trump’s ban from Twitter. “Anybody hear from Donnie? Wanted to check-in,” Perlman began, “thought he might be lonely now that he is officially what he’s been all along… nothin’.”

With Perlman getting his vaccine taken care of, he’s among a growing list of Americans who have received the shot. Despite the slow rollout and the increasing concern of delays across many states, Biden said Monday that he believes it will be readily available for any willing participant in the spring, admitting it will be a challenge to accomplish that but it remains their goal to do so.