'SNL' Sends up ‘Us’ With Bizarre Discover Card Skit

Saturday Night Live did a parody of Us this weekend, mashing it up with the familiar Discover credit card commercials.

SNL was back this Saturday after two weeks off, and just in time to poke fun at Us. The horror movie has become a sensation, with its terrifying cast of doppelgängers who terrorize the main characters. In a new digital short this week, SNL's Kenan Thompson and Ego Nwodim compared the eerie look-alikes to the "people just like you" featured in Discover credit card commercials.

In the video, Nwodim and Thompson are sitting at the table in a picturesque kitchen, both focused on mobile devices. Much like any Discovery card commercial, Nwodim notes some unusual charges on their account and calls the company to straighten it out. Instead of an exact copy of her on the other end, however, she finds herself talking to a raspy version in a red jumpsuit.

"Oh my god, I say 'random' all the time!" Nwodim says. "Are you me?"

"Once... Upon... A time... There was... A girl..." the doppelganger says, mimicking the film's central monologue.

The commercial even gives Thompson's character a doppelganger, and like the husband's clone in the movie, he can only grunt and scream.

"That's why you handle the money," Thompson says, handing the phone back to Nwodim.

The short ended by mashing up the Discover card graphics with the promotional art from Us, reading: "Discover Card: From the mind of Jordan Peele."

The skit was a timely take on Us, which just hit theaters on March 22. Many fans responded with praise on Twitter, calling this the best sketch of the night. Some tagged Peele and the movie's stars, Lupita Nyongo and Winston Duke, wondering how they felt about the interpretation. So far, none have reacted on social media.

Other highlights from this week's SNL include a new cold open mocking President Donald Trump and the updates on Robert Mueller's Special Counsel investigation. Alec Baldwin returned to play the president, and Robert De Niro reprised his role as Mueller. In addition, Kate McKinnon played Rudy Giulliani, Aidy Bryant played Attorney General William Barr and Beck Bennett played Vladimir Putin.


After a two-week break, SNL is back for at least a few straight weekends. The show will be live next Saturday with host Kit Harington and musical guest Sara Bareilles. After that, the following weekend will see host Emma Stone and musical guest BTS.

Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.