'SNL': Tom Bergeron Weighs in on Jim Carrey's Joe Biden and Alec Baldwin's Donald Trump

You can count Tom Bergeron among the Saturday Night Live viewers not impressed with Jim Carrey's [...]

You can count Tom Bergeron among the Saturday Night Live viewers not impressed with Jim Carrey's performance as Democratic presidential nominee Joe Biden. In an interview on The Stuttering John Podcast Saturday, the former Dancing with the Stars host told John Melendez he is "not as fond" of Carrey's performance as he is of Alec Baldwin's President Donald Trump impersonation. Carrey was brought on to play Biden during SNL Season 46 and has appeared in all four episodes of the season so far.

Baldwin's performance "has been great," but Bergeron thinks he probably shares Baldwin's desire to see his take on Trump retired. "I'm not as fond of Jim Carrey's Joe Biden," Bergeron said, adding that Carrey is playing himself more than playing Biden. "I get the marquee value of having him do it, but as an impression — and he's incredibly gifted — this isn't his best," Bergeron said of Carrey.

Bergeron noted that Baldwin has said in the past he wishes he could retire from playing Trump. Indeed, before Season 45 began last year, Baldwin told USA Today he couldn't imagine playing the part again and hoped Lorne Michaels could find someone else to do it. "They're all my dear friends and I love going there, but the other thing is that I'm going to go to work this fall in a way I haven't done in a while," Baldwin said at the time. Just days after making that statement though, Baldwin clarified that he will keep doing it if Michaels wants him to. Michaels clearly wants him to, as Baldwin is still playing Trump in Season 46.

Unlike Baldwin's bosses at SNL though, Bergeron's DWTS bosses did not want him back this fall. ABC and the DWTS producers decided to go in a different direction for Season 29, so Tyra Banks was called in to replace Bergeron and Erin Andrews as host. In his interview with Melendez, Bergeron said he would not immediately return to DWTS, noting there were "philosophical changes" behind the scenes beginning in 2018. He said he missed the earlier years of the show and was really enjoying his time off.

However, Bergeron said he would never completely rule out ever coming back if an opportunity came along. "No, it would depend. I never say never. But, I've hosted, as you've pointed out, so many different formats. I'm not really looking to work a lot, five days a week," Bergeron said. "Now, I'm 65, I've got some money in the bank. I'm enjoying my life."