'SNL' Quarantine Music Video Is the Musical We Can All Relate With After 2020

Saturday Night Live perfectly captured the mood of Americans one year into quarantine this weekend with a new music video called "Loco." The pre-taped digital sketch starred Ego Nwodim as a rapper trying — and mostly failing — to hold it together amid the current public health crisis. This week's musical guest Bad Bunny even got in on the insanity.

"Loco" kicked off like a bass-heavy dance club anthem, with Nwodim all dressed up and standing by a crowded bar. However, after a few braggadocious lines she approached a suitor played by this week's host, Rege-Jean Page, who informed her that the whole scene was a hallucination. From there, she woke up in her apartment where she admitted she is losing her mind by staying home all the time. The song had some rapid-fire, incredibly clever lines about the social distancing experience, and the live audience sometimes missed on by laughing over another.

After two verses and a chorus, Nwodim handed it off to fellow cast member Pete Davidson, who had his own rap about how isolation has wreaked havoc on his mental illness. He joked about entertaining conspiracy theories and even dedicated several lines to say he's "gone so crazy, I actually understood Tenet. The whole thing — I didn't even have one question."

Finally, when it seemed it couldn't go any further, Bad Bunny jumped in as Nwodim's house plant for a reggaeton-inspired bridge. Fans might have cheered loudest of all for him as he sent the sketch off in style.
Commenters praised the sketch, and many were especially glad to see Nwodim taking the spotlight in it. While they knew it was a joke, some said they expected to have the song stuck in their heads for weeks to come.


All-in-all, it was a good week for SNL, at least in terms of the reach of sketches through social media on Sunday. Many people caught up with the sketch show, either to see Bad Bunny, Page, or to see how the show would tackle the new of the week. The latter is where most of the night's controversies stemmed from.

Hopefully, SNL can keep the hot streak going next weekend with host and musical guest Nick Jonas. Jonas will be pulling double duty on the series, all while promoting his new single and upcoming solo album. His dual function should also help reduce the risk of spreading COVID-19 in the studio with one less person inside. SNL airs on Saturday nights at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.