'SNL': Pete Davidson References Scarlett Johansson and Colin Jost's Wedding in Valentine's Day Bit

Saturday Night Live set aside some time for Valentine's Day this weekend, in a hilarious back-and-forth between cast members Pete Davidson and Colin Jost. Davidson often jokes about the juxtaposition between himself and Jost, and this week, the topic of romance was no exception. While Davidson spent his Valentine's Day alone, Jost presumably spent it with his wife Scarlett Johansson, which Davidson acknowledged by saying: "Yeah, you're the man."

Davidson rolled out to the "Weekend Update" desk to join Jost for some straightforward commentary, with on character-work involved. Jost introduced him as "relationship expert Pete Davidson" — a subtle jab about Davidson's high-profile romances with stars like Ariana Grande and Kate Beckinsale. This year, however, Davidson said he spent Valentine's Day watching a movie with his mother, while he guessed that Jost spent it somewhere with "more boats than people."

"Come on man, I grew up in Staten Island just like you!" Jost protested. Davidson answered: "Yeah, well your grammar and lack of a police record say otherwise."

Aside from these few barbs at Jost, Davidson's jokes were mostly self-effacing as usual. He poked fun at his own romantic misadventures, his domestic life living with his mother, his tattoos and even his own mental health. Davidson acknowledged that he is having some of his tattoos removed because he thinks he looks "like a toddler went to prison," and wondered why his mom never tried to put him in a conservatorship like Britney Spears' father.

"I was like, 'wait, she could do that? And she hasn't? Doesn't she love me?'" Davidson joked. "All Britney did was shave her head. I got a life-sized tattoo of the Tootsie Pop owl!"


For a while, Davidson and Jost both seemed to be reaching unusual levels of celebrity for SNL stars, chiefly through their relationships with A-list women. While Davidson's engagement to Grande crumbled, Jost's relationship with Johansson quietly carried on into marriage. The two first got together in May of 2017, got engaged in May of 2019 and then married in October of 2020.

According to a report by The Independent, Jost and Johansson's wedding was a private ceremony, likely due in large part to the coronavirus pandemic. The topic has come up a few other times on SNL since then, always drawing a bemused smile from Jost. Many fans are eagerly awaiting the day Johansson shows up on the sketch show to tease her husband herself.