'SNL' Makes 2 Glaring Errors in Fast-Paced Sketch About President Donald Trump's Scandals

Saturday Night Live's latest episode is proof positive that anything can happen on live TV. During one of the night's political sketches, two mess-ups went out over the airwaves with hilarious results. While neither ruined the sketch, it was far from planned and surely made someone behind the scenes at SNL cringe.

The skit revolved around a panel of political commentators weighing in on the ongoing impeachment inquiry centered on President Donald Trump. However, instead of totally blasting the POTUS, SNL's writers decided to spin the take to mock liberals or neutral pundits that keep swearing that each and every scandal Trump faces will be the one that ends his term.

As the panel (played by Aidy Bryant, Kenan Thompson, Cecily Strong and host Woody Harrelson) discusses the investigation, they flash back to the last few large-scale scandals Trump has faced and realize that they've sworn each and every time that Trump's presidency was tanking. The only exception is Thompson's character, who rightly predicts "ain't nothing gonna happen" every time.

With each flashback, the cast was forced to undergo a quick change as graphics play on the screen. This is what led to the two big errors.

Bryant began to giggle and break character as the sketch went on, then the first big error set her off. A stagehand walked into frame to change Bryant's jacket, but she was far too early and was clearly spotted on camera walking up to the Shrill star.

As soon as Bryant realized what happened, she burst out laughing, breaking character. She tried to rein herself in, but barely kept a handle on it as the scene came to a close.

Despite the mess-ups by production and talent, fans at home did not seem to hold it against them them. It was a hectic sketch, and most actually thought it was funny to see Bryant have so much fun on-camera.


Saturday Night Live airs weekly at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.

Photo Credit: NBC