'SNL': Alec Baldwin Reprises Donald Trump While Drinking Bleach, Kristen Wiig Hosts Season Finale

Saturday Night Live kicked off its third and hopefully last remote SNL At Home episode with a cold open featuring Alec Baldwin as President Donald Trump and a monologue from former cast member Kristen Wiig. During the opening, Baldwin's Trump delivered a virtual commencement address to a group of high schoolers who did not want to hear form him. At one point, "Trump" drank Clorox, a reference to Trump's comments at a press conference last month.

While the high school students called for Dr. Anthony Fauci, Baldwin's Trump continued to ignore them. "Don't you hate when these elite medical experts tell you what to do?" he asked as he took out a bottle of Clorox bleach to drink. "Excuse me... Good old invincibility juice."

By this time, most of the students left the chat, but Baldwin's Trump was not paying attention. He continued to offer the students advice. "Believe in yourselves and you can achieve anything," he said. "Look at me, I started as the son of a simple, wealthy slum lord... and grew to become a billionaire, a president and the world's leading expert on infectious diseases. Surround yourself with the worst people you can find."

This weekend's episode acted as the Season 45 finale, even though it was only the 18th episode of the season. It was the third remote episode, and, just like the previous ones, was filmed and edited before it aired. NBC also never announced the host or musical performer before the episode began, just as they did before. The first SNL At Home episode, which aired back on April 11, featured Tom Hanks as the host and Coldplay's Chris Martin as the performer. The April 25 episode included a cold open with Brad Pitt and a performance from Miley Cyrus.

Pitt's appearance was a complete surprise. The two-time Oscar-winner played Dr. Anthony Fauci, the director of the National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases and a member of President Donald Trump's coronavirus task force. Fauci famously named Pitt as the celebrity he wished would play him on SNL, so the show granted his wish with a sketch where Pitt/Fauci had to "interpret" Trump's comments on the virus. At the end of the sketch, Pitt took off his wig and thanked Fauci for his calm demeanor during the crisis, as well as the first responders and health care workers who put their lives on the line.


The April 25 episode was also much better produced than the April 11 episode and was jam-packed with guest stars. Adam Sandler co-starred in Pete Davidson's "Stuck In My House" music video, while Charles Barkley and DJ Khaled were featured in the first "What Up With That" Sketch since 2012. Paul Rudd appeared in a sketch with Heidi Gardner, while Big Bunny joined Kenan Thompson for another sketch. Colin Jost and Michael Che once again contributed a full "Weekend Update" segment as well.