'SNL' Gives Adam Sandler a Creepy Return in This New Promo

Adam Sandler returns to Saturday Night Live this weekend, and one promo shows his creepy return to the studio.

Sandler is hosting SNL this weekend for the first time, although he has been in the studio before. He was a cast member on the show from 1991 to 1995, having been a writer for a year before that. Sandler had some good times at the production, and in a commercial for Saturday's show he took a walk down memory lane.

In the halls of 30 Rockefeller Plaza, Sandler smiled as he saw old black and white photos of himself on the wall. However, only the first few were from his days on the show. After that, he noticed a few "paparazzi shots" thrown in. It only got weirder from there.

"Is that, uh, my backyard?" Sandler wondered out loud. "None of these are from SNL. What the hell, is that my house?"

Sandler saw creepy photos of himself in his car, on his couch and even sleeping in bed. Finally, the last picture in the hallway showed the back of Sandler's head looking into a photo of the back of Sandler's head, and on into infinity. At that moment, Kenan Thompson greeted the comedian.

"Adam. You never really leave," he said with a sinister smile. Thompson broke the expression and hugged Sandler, but behind his back we saw his eyes turn an eerie blue.

Sandler is hosting this week's show, which comes after a two-week break for SNL. This is the show's final batch of episodes for the season, and they have pulled out all the stops for celebrity appearances.

Sandler will be joined by musical guest Shawn Mendes. Next week, the show will feature host Emma Thompson with musical guest the Jonas Brothers, and finally after that the season will end with Paul Rudd and musical guest DJ Khaled. The line-up has driven interest in the show through the roof, which is good for a big season finale.

Sandler's appearance on the show actually ties the record for the longest gap between an actor's time as a cast member and their return as host. Dan Aykroyd waited almost 24 years to get back on the stage, and according to a report by Inquisitr, Sandler matches him to the day. However, both made appearances on the show between leaving the cast and returning as host.


Sandler is likely promoting his work on Netflix, including his recent stand-up special 100% Fresh and his upcoming movie Murder Mystery, which premieres on June 14.

Saturday Night Live airs every weekend at 11:30 p.m. ET on NBC.