Rita Ora's Disastrous Lip Sync Performance During the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade Has Viewers Sounding Off

Rita Ora's disastrous lip sync performance during the Macy's Thanksgiving Parade has viewers sounding off.

The "I Will Never Let You Down" singer was appearing in the parade to sing, but also not sing, as its common for performers to lip sync for logistical purposes.

Ora, however, missed her cue and then began lip syncing the wrong parts of the song, and the fans watching at home absolutely noticed.

"Did you notice Rita Ora's horrible lip syncing?? I know they all do it but hers made sooo anxious," one person commented on Twitter.

"Props the [NBC] cameraman who tried to avoid showing Rita Ora lips as soon as it was clear she was WAYYYY off on her lip sync," someone else tweeted.

"Macy's parade is awesome so far. Haven't seen it in a decade at least. The only one issue being Rita Ora's syncing problem," another user stated. "Nice to see it with my parents. Happy Thanksgiving everyone."

"I'd still date Rita Ora, not everyone gonna be able to sing like Whitney Houston," a fourth viewer joked.

There are also some people who have compared Ora's lip sync fail to Mariah Carey's notoriously controversial New Year's performance.

"Is Rita Ora even lip-syncing to the right song? It's the worst I've seen since Mariah Carey's New Year's Eve fail," quipped one person.

Not everyone was bothered by the off-time lip syncing, as some people defended Ora rather than criticize her.


"Can't believe all those comments about [Rita Ora] !!She sings her songs live even better than the studio version and now she have to deal with it!!," a fan exclaimed.

At this time, Ora does not appear to have commented on the performance.