'Rel' and 'The Gifted' Canceled: Fox Viewers React to Late-Night Axing

Fans of evenly canceled Fox shows Rel and The Gifted are mourning the sudden end of the shows on social media.

The newly independent broadcast network announced late Thursday their decision to cancel the comedy series after one season, and the superhero drama after two seasons.

The sitcom starred Lil Rel Howery as a man whose life falls apart after he finds out his wife is having an affair with his barber, leading him to become long-distance father on the South Side of Chicago.

Despite the show not receiving a back order earlier this year, many fans were shocked by the early decision to end the 20th Century Fox Television-produced multi-camera comedy.

"Not Rel! :-(," one Twitter user lamented.

"Dammit I knew this would happen sadly :(" another one said.

"So disappointed that Fox cancelled Rel," a third user said.

"Of course, Rel was dead as soon as no more episodes were ordered, but it's a little unusual that people were fired now instead of the week before the upfronts," TV Grim Reaper noted in another tweet.

"Not surprising, but Rel was pretty good and deserved more of a chance and I'm also still reeling from the cancellation of The Carmichael Show," another fan wrote.

The Gifted recently wrapped up its second season finale, though fans seemed prepared to say goodbye to the Marvel Television-produced show. Since most superhero shows from the company are now living in Disney-owned streaming platforms, it seemed cancellation was the only option.

However, some fans hoped the X-Men-inspired series could be saved by a streaming service like Hulu.

"[The Gifted] was the best Marvel TV series HANDS DOWN! Hopefully it can find another home," one Twitter user wrote.

"Deeply sad that [The Gifted] got canceled. But they gave us two great seasons of the X-Men, and I adored every episode," another user commented.


"Of course the show I really like gets canceled... UGH! I mean the show had a shirtless [Blair Redford] 90 percent of the time and now it's getting taken away.." another user protested.

"Not surprised, but still bummed about this. Doesn't feel like it ever reached its full potential, though it came close at times this season," another user reflected.