Rainn Wilson Pitches 'The Office' and 'Walking Dead' Crossover Movie That Demands to Be Heard (Exclusive)

Rainn Wilson is not one to rule out a possible reunion or reboot for The Office, but if he got his way the beloved series would make a new movie that crosses over with The Walking Dead instead. While speaking with PopCulture.com about Tenderfoot TV's Radio Rental podcast, which he hosts, Wilson opened up about The Office while sharing his feelings on the show's legacy and the idea of a spinoff or reboot. "You know, we've spoken here and there about like, would it be fun to do something with Dwight," Wilson said.

"I don't know about like anything in Dunder Mifflin land, and I just keep thinking it would be really fun, but at the same time, The Office is like this perfect gym, 200 episodes," he continued. "Granted, maybe there's a dozen that weren't so great. But the greatness of the show in totality is extraordinary and it holds up, it has new legions of fans. I just talked to my friend in Iceland, his nine-year-old daughter in the backseat of his car in Iceland has watched the show five times, in Iceland. Like, it has an international appeal. And I guess for me, it's like, wow, we just created this perfect thing. Like, just leave it alone. Like, step away. Anything you attempt to do is only going to tarnish the kind of like reputation and legacy of the show."

While Wilson confessed he is "very skeptical that there will be anything done with The Office or that anyone is going to go back and approach it in any way, shape or form," he did have a tongue-in-cheek pitch for how it could return. "Maybe an Office movie could be fun. An Office road trip movie. Everyone's driving across the country to go to Creed's funeral. At the last moment, it turns out he's not dead, pops out of his coffin. Then we combine it with a Walking Dead spinoff series, Dwight versus zombies. Everyone has wanted to see Dwight versus zombies from the get-go. So there's a world of possibility out there."

Fans can relive all nine seasons of The Office anytime on Peacock, though you won't find Wilson's Dwight Schrute battling the undead across the 200+ episodes. If the more bizarre fare is compelling, check out Wilson on Radio Rental, which can be heard by clicking here. Keep it locked to PopCulture for more news about Rainn Wilson and his upcoming projects!