'Queer Eye' Alum Carson Kressley Gets 'Spongy' Clue in 'Pictionary' Exclusive Clip

Queer Eye alum Carson Kressley is a captain on Pictionary this week, alongside actress Melissa Peterman. In a new exclusive clip from the show, the famed fashion savant gets a "spongy" clue courtesy of everyone's favorite cartoon Pineapple-dweller. In the brief excerpt, which can be seen above, Kressley and one of his teammates are trying to guess a clue being drawn by their other teammate, Matthew.

They know that "cake" is the category, but what type of cake, specifically, is what they need to figure out from the drawing. As Matthew scribbles, Kressley tosses out a number of guesses, such as "rainbow cake, bacon cake, hot cakes, butter cake," and "gooey butter cake." The image begins to take shape, Kressley guesses "SpongeBob cake" and then gets the correct answer with "sponge cake." Thrilled to have finally gotten the right answer, joy leaps for joy and then falls to the floor in relief.

Pictionary is hosted by Jerry O'Connell, who PopCulture previously had the chance to speak with about the new syndicated series. While discussing his various projects, the consummate TV host shared what he loves about working on Pictionary, and also revealed what he's learned is "the most difficult thing" for contestants to draw. "It's fun when people are great artists. It's really fun when people are terrible artists," the actor joked.

"I'm just at that age where Pictionary is, like, my jam because I have two 13-year-old daughters. I have parents, they have grandparents," he continued. "It's just, it's the game everybody plays, and I think it's going well. It's tough. They tried to make another Pictionary show in the '90s with Alan Thicke hosting it, God rest his soul, and it didn't work out for one reason or another, and I think we got it this time. It's a really fun game to play and a fun game to watch.

When it comes to his own skill set, O'Connell confessed, "I'm a pretty terrible artist, but I will tell you, since playing Pictionary, I've become like an expert on what to draw. For example, anything with ship, pirate ship, shark, fish, fishing, hook. Anything with that, the first thing you draw is water. You draw the water." He then revealed that "the most difficult thing to draw is anything relating to horses. It's amazing."