Parker McKenna Posey Says a ‘My Wife and Kids’ Revival ‘Would Be so Much Fun’

In the current era of TV reboots and revivals, Parker McKenna Posey thinks it would be “so much [...]

In the current era of TV reboots and revivals, Parker McKenna Posey thinks it would be "so much fun" to step back into the shoes of Kady Kyle in a My Wife and Kids revival.

Posey, now 23, is a far cry from the tiny tot that once graced screens on the ABC sitcom, now boasting a bustling career as an influencer as well as an ongoing acting career, but she told that she would be all in for a potential reboot.

"For a long time My Wife and Kids was all I knew, It was an incredible experience! I think it would be so much fun to see all of us on the same set again! I had such a great time with my TV family," she said. "Till today, people still make jokes about how Damon would act and feel about seeing Kady all grown up."

(Photo: Facebook / My Wife and Kids)

Although such a revival currently isn't in the works, the potential of a sequel series isn't so far-fetched. The TV landscape has been flooded with reboots, revivals, and sequels of classics in recent years, seeing the rise of everything from Roseanne (and later the spin-off series The Conners), Full House, Murphy Brown, and even Will & Grace.

Originally airing from 2001 until 2005, My Wife and Kids centered on the Kyle's, a semi-dysfunctional middle-class African-American family. The sitcom starred Damon Wayans as patriarch Michael Kyle, who, along with his wife Janet, brought their three brooding children up with a unique and distinct parenting style that led to plenty of laughs.

For her part, Posey portrayed the young and boisterous Kady Kyle, who, although viewed as the innocent and adorable one in early seasons, soon developed a fun manipulative side. According to Posey, that little girl that jump-started her acting career at the age of 4 "will always be a part" of her."

"The Kady character will always be a part of me," Posey said. "It's has helped make me who I am today & I truly don't think I would be here had it not been for that role. So, I'm forever grateful. I've lived a blessed life! Of course I've had my share of struggles and things that I've had to overcome. Not a lot of people can say they booked their dream job at 4 years old and are still living the dream."

And while Posey isn't currently gearing up to step back into the role of Kady, her acting career is plenty busy. Currently, she can be seen on BET's series Games People Play, an adaptation of Angela Burt-Murray's book, Games Divas Play.

New episodes of Games People Play air Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on BET.