Orlando Drummond, 'Scooby-Doo' and 'Digimon' Actor, Dead at 101

Orlando Drummond, a prolific Brazilian voice actor, died on July 27 in Rio de Janeiro. Drummond's work is not well-known outside of Brazil, but he gained notoriety in October 2020 when he celebrated his 101st birthday. He was the longest-living performer who voiced a character in a version of Digimon, serving as the Brazilian dub voice for Gennai. Drummond also voiced Scooby-Doo for over 40 years.

Drummond's family said he died at his home in Vila Isabel, Rio de Janeiro after multiple organ failures, reports Globo. He was hospitalized in May for a urinary infection but was later released for treatment at home. He returned to the hospital when his condition got worse but was discharged again on June 12. Drummond made headlines in Brazil in January when he received the first dose of one of the first vaccinations against the coronavirus in Rio. He received his second dose at home in February.

Drummond was born in Rio on Oct. 18, 1919. His career in showbusiness stretches back to the early 1940s when he worked as a foley artist. He also acted in films during the 1950s, around the time he began dubbing Brazilian versions of animated films and television shows. He voiced characters in Disney's Alice in Wonderland, Peter Pan, Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs, The Sword in the Stone, Robin Hood, Mary Poppins, The Aristocats, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, and Dinosaur. He also voiced Scooby-Doo from 1969 to 2010 and dubbed Popeye cartoons. He even provided the voice of Alf for the Brazilian versions of the original sitcom and its animated spin-off.

Digimon fans in Brazil know Drummond through his performance as Gennai in Digimon Adventure and Digimon Adventure 02. He also voiced characters in the Brazilian versions of other anime shows. He voiced characters in Jetter Mars, Rokumon Tengai Mon Colle Knight, Super Dimensional Fortress Macross, Mach GoGoGo, and more, notes ComicBook.


Drummond is survived by his wife of almost 70 years, Gloria Drummond; their two children; five grandchildren; and four great-grandchildren. He was also the subject of the 2020 biography Orlando Drummond, Brazilian Version by Victor Gagliardo. "With an awfully broken heart I learned that Orlando Drummond, one of the greatest legends of Brazilian comedy and voice acting, has passed away today at 101 years old," cartoonist Elton Porthillo tweeted. "Farewell, my good man. And thank you for brightening my youth with your incredible talent and sense of humor."