Original 'Good Doctor' Cast Member Returning for Season 7

Antonia Thomas is returning as Dr. Claire Browne for two episodes of 'The Good Doctor's final season.

Dr. Claire Browne is scrubbing back in at San Jose St. Bonaventure Hospital. Deadline reports that Antonia Thomas will be returning for The Good Doctor's seventh and final season. The actress was an original cast member of the ABC medical drama, having been on the series since the very first episode. She exited as a series regular in the Season 4 finale when Claire chose to stay back in Guatemala to help at a hospital. Thomas then returned at the end of Season 5 for Shaun and Lea's wedding.

Thomas will return for two episodes of Season 7, including the series finale. Three episodes have aired for Season 7 out of a total of 10. While it's unknown what the other episode Thomas will guest star in, it should be coming very soon. She is also not the only familiar face that will be popping up. After exiting in the Season 6 finale, Brandon Larracuente will also return as Dr. Daniel Perez for one episode. Just like Thomas, it's unknown what episode that will be and in what capacity.

Since it is the final season of The Good Doctor, it's not surprising to see that Antonia Thomas is returning to give fans one last chance to say goodbye to Claire. Many final seasons of shows bring back characters that left, or at least have many references to the previous seasons. What brings Claire back will be interesting to see, as well as getting an update on how she's been doing as Chief of Surgery at the hospital in Guatemala.

Season 7 of The Good Doctor will also be seeing a couple more new faces. PUSH star Ruby Kelley is set to recur as Hannah, who has suffered from pressure headaches and is labeled a "drug seeker" by doctors. After she comes in seeking opioids, Dr. Glassman thinks she has an undiagnosed medical issue. Scandal's Guillermo Diaz will guest star as a mysterious man who tries to donate his kidney to a complete stranger, but Jordan questions his ability to give informed consent.

Even though it is still sad to see The Good Doctor end, it will be exciting to see what will bring Claire back to St. Bonaventure. It already sounds like the series finale in May will be a big one, and fans will likely want to bring some tissues along for the ride. New episodes of The Good Doctor air on Tuesdays at 10 p.m. ET on ABC.