News Anchor Engaged to Mystery Man

Wedding bells are ringing for WGN Morning News anchor Robin Baumgarten. The new anchor announced on June 15 that she is engaged, though Baumgarten played coy when it came to the soon-to-be groom's identity, only mysteriously identifying him in her engagement announcement as "Mr. X."

Baumgarten shared the exciting relationship update in a June 25 Instagram post, writing in a message to fans, "Mr. X is now Mr. Fiancé" before adding, "Can't wait for you all to meet him!" Of course, Baumgarten kept her fiance's identity a secret in more than just the caption. In the accompanying photo, which showed the fan-favorite news anchor showing off her stunning engagement ring as she posed with her fiancé, Mr. X's face was obscured with a smiley face emoji.

As fans sent in their congratulations, Baumgarten went on to share the exciting news in a hilarious on-air moment in which she lamented that her WGN co-stars Larry Potash and Paul Konrad "don't even care" after she hadn't "heard a word out of you two mopes." In their defense, Potash and Konrad quipped that they "don't think it's official until we give the blessing" and that if Mr. X "inspires her happiness, this show could be over."

The trio of hosts further discussed the engagement news in a video segment posted to WGN's website, where Konrad expressed his concern that if Baumgarten starts becoming happy, "the show is going to go down in the ratings and I'm going to be out of a job." He pointed out that WGN Morning News "has had quite a bit of success based on three relatively bitter people," though Baumgarten, who revealed Mr. X's proposal was "very sweet and simple and at home," assured her co-anchors that they "don't have to worry. You can't completely wipe out your personality. As much as you try to paint on the smile, the cracks show."


Baumgarten, a three-time Emmy Award winner, first joined WGN Morning News in 1996 as airborne traffic reporter and transportation reporter. She later became an anchor in 2005 when the show expanded to four hours. News of her engagement was a joyous occasion for viewers, with one person commenting on her announcement post, "Omg!!!! Congratulations," joking that, "you BOTH look so happy!" Another WGN viewer wrote, "Robin I have watched you for years on WGN! You're amazing and I'm so happy for you."