'NCIS': Ziva and Ducky Reunited in Latest Episode, and Fans Are Crying

Ziva David got to reunite with many of her old friends during Tuesday's all new episode of NCIS. The hour featured the team working alongside the former agent to investigate a terrorist threat suggested by the evil Sahar, the woman threatening to end Gibbs' and Ziva's lives.

Spoilers ahead for NCIS Season 17, Episode 2: "Into the Light"

As the team investigated a clue about the possible threat at headquarters, Ziva (Cote de Pablo) took a minute to rest at Gibbs' (Mark Harmon) home. She heads to the basement and struggles with memories of killing her brother Ari in that same place many years before. She is then frightened when she hears a sound coming from a shadow in the room and she asks the person to identify themselves.

"Dr. Donald Mallard," Ducky (David McCallum) says as he turns a light on to reveal himself in the darkness. "Is that enough not to get shot?"

Ziva puts her gun away after recognizing her old friend.

"When I heard that Gibbs didn't take you to the crime scene, I figured I'd find you here," he added. Ziva reveals Gibbs was supposed to return to find her after going but he didn't. Ducky says he waited for her for four hours and the pair celebrate their reunion with a hug.

"Clearly things are not so good," Ducky says before noticing her pills to control her feelings of isolation. Ziva reveals she was not alone while undercover, and shows him a photo of her daughter Tali.

When Ducky asked if Tony knows that she is alive, she says it's complicated.

"The less Tony knows the better," she says. "The less all of you know the better."

Ducky tells her that they all thought she was dead. Ziva says she left a trail only Gibbs could have found but he didn't see the clues. She then says that she will not stop until she is free and able to reunite with Tali, no matter the consequences.

Fans were overjoyed and filled with nostalgia at seeing the old friends reunite, sharing their thoughts on the heartwarming scene on social media.

The episode took a turn when it revealed the reunion got Ziva the chance to use Ducky's phone as part of a plan to help Sahar with a plan to take information from NCIS to her helpers. While she had made a deal with her enemy to betray the organization, Ziva later revealed it was a plan to get her helpers arrested abroad.

After finding she was out of options, Sahar ordered her own death at the hands of her men as part of a mysterious "Plan C." Ziva then left town again at the end of the episode, hoping to finish her mission on her own once and for all so she can finally reveal herself to be alive to Tony (Michael Weatherly) and her daughter Tali.


What did you think of the episode? NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.