'NCIS' Preview: Major Character Does Not 'Trust' Ziva After Return in Fall Finale

Ziva David is back in the NCIS world once again in Tuesday's fall finale, and not everyone is happy to see her. The CBS crime procedural is set to bring back one of its most beloved characters once more to explore the big mission keeping her away from her loved ones. The preview for the shocking episode shows several characters getting in on the action-packed drama, though not everyone seems to be Team Ziva this time around.

The new promo released by CBS ahead of Tuesday night's premiere shows Ziva (Cote de Pablo) reuniting with Jimmy Palmer (Brian Dietzen) before she tells him there are no time for emotional reunions, as a mission takes priority.

"Ziva... she asked me to help," Gibbs (Mark Harmon) tells Sloane (Maria Bello), who questions what helping his old friend with her mysterious mission could cost the team.

The video then shows a tense moment between Gibbs and Ziva, with the NCIS leader sharing his doubts about her mental state.

"Your head is not on straight," Gibbs says as Ziva looks at him. Viewers then see Bishop (Emily Wickersham) questioning one of Ziva's helpers and former landlord about a secret mission.

"I only agreed to this to find out what's going on," Bishop says, before the woman tells her that it's best if she does not know all the details. With the clip then showing footage of someone being held in a mysterious warehouse with cuffs and blood around their arms.

"I don't trust her," Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) says, seemingly about Ziva, before B-roll shows the beloved character looking suspicious and ready to fight to reunite with her family.

The high-pressured promo ends with Gibbs and Ziva kneeling close to a wooden platform that collapses, leaving the to drop into the darkness. We will have to wait and see what happens during the episode.

Tuesday's fall finale marks Ziva's third episode in Season 17, as the show has explored her return after faking her death and fighting to end a terrorist group trying to kill her before she can reunite with her family, Tony (Michael Weatherly) and daughter Tali. "The North Pole" is the first part of the episodes wrapping up her storyline.

Speculation has been brewing among fans hoping Ziva's final episode in 2020 will also bring back alum Michael Weatherly for a special return. While it has not been confirmed, the actor does work on CBS series Bull. Could the series spare him for a special cameo?


NCIS airs Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.