'NCIS' Fans Furious With Michael Weatherly After He Deletes His Social Media Accounts

NCIS fans are furious with former star Michael Weatherly after he deleted all of his social media accounts.

Spoilers ahead for NCIS Season 16 Episode 24 "Daughters"

The actor's move of closing down his social media accounts coincidentally coincides with a big reveal in the season finale of NCIS, where Ziva David (Cote de Pablo) returned. The irony of the situations has not gone unnoticed by fans.

"It makes me sad that #MichaelWeatherly has deleted his social media accounts. Hopefully, it's just for hiatus. I guess with the renewal of @BullCBS the haters are quite active," one person said.

"I'd like to know when Michael Weatherly is going to tweet about Ziva/Cote being back," another person joked.

Notably, Weatherly has also been facing heat over past misconduct accusations, so some fans are assuming that this is the cause for the actor deciding to cancel his social media accounts and they are defending him over it.

"Michael Weatherly has deleted all of his social media due to childish pricks harassing him," one person tweeted.

"That is what they are: claims. We never heard Michael Weatherly's side on this. In his 16 years at CBS, not once has he ever been accused of such a thing and nobody has come forward with more accusations," another fan said, in response to the news that CBS chose to renew Weatherly's current series Bull, after investigating the "claims" against him.


"Although I'm disappointed that Michael has deleted his accounts Twitter + Instagram, I also understand the need he has to step back and enjoy his family and friends," someone else replied. "It's up to us to respect his decision and hope for a return soon."

Weatherly starred in NCIS for 13 seasons, later going on to star as the lead in Bull.