'NCIS' Fans React to Drew Carey's Guest Role

NCIS fans loved Drew Carey's guest spot on Tuesday night's episode, and they came out in full force on Twitter to praise the game show host's performance.

Carey popped into the episode, "Handle With Care," as retired Marine Sergeant John Ross. It was an apt role for the 59-year-old comedian, who served in the Marine Reserves for six years as a young man.

On the show, Carey's character is in hot water after one of the care packages he sends to active-duty marines is discovered to have cyanide in it. However, Gibbs and the team do their best to clear his name.

"I love his performance tonight," one user wrote.

"Really enjoying Drew Carey on the show tonite!" chimed in another. "Good show!"

Carey even drew new viewers in with his performance, as one tweeted "this is the main reason y I'm Watching this show... 2 c a different side of Drew Carey like never b4."

It was likely an easy feat to get Carey onto NCIS for the cameo, as the comedian hosts The Price is Right, also on CBS. Carey is beloved for his demeanor on the show, where he captures the strange, shop-aholic energy of the premise without making it too overdone or flamboyant.

Before that, Carey worked for a long time on ABC. He had his own sitcom there, called simply The Drew Carey Show, which ran for nearly ten years. The show reached nine total seasons and became one of America's favorite comedies. He is perhaps best known for hosting Whose Line is it Anyway, also on ABC. Carey's fans from this years-long catalogue of work were delighted to see him on NCIS on Tuesday.

"I grew up watching The Drew Carey Show!!" one person tweeted, along with the hashtags "Good Times" and "Going Down Memory Lane."

"So good! Really enjoy watching Drew back on a drama. Thank you!" wrote another.


"I wonder how many takes it took for Drew not to laugh," one person wondered, adding "he's so good and I love Price is Right Drew is awesome."

Carey may not have seen the high praise from Twitter users, as he's been scarce on Twitter for nearly a year now. Last March, he posted a string of tweets apologizing to Trump supporters for "gloating over" the president's failures. Since then, he has tweeted little except for Instagram links and two news stories, one about his home town of Cleveland and one about The Price is Right.