'NCIS': Bishop and Torres Have a Risque Conversation About Goat Yoga in New Clip

The latest teaser for NCIS promises even more heat between Torres and Bishop.

NCIS has been teasing a potential romance between agent Nick Torres (Wilmer Valderrama) and analyst Ellie Bishop (Emily Wisckersham) for a long time now, and this season the tension is at an all-time high. A teaser for Tuesday night's episode, "A Thousand Words," features the two of them having a candid conversation that makes some of their co-workers uncomfortable.

In the scene, Torres enters the office sighing, rubbing his lower back as though sore. He complains that "Jessica happened" to him, adding, "I was up for letting off a little steam, but she was jumping me all night."

Rather than being disgusted or upset, Bishop seemed simply confused by this.

"It's supposed to feel good," she said. "What positions were you doing?"

Finally, the double-entendres came to an end as Senior Field Agent Timothy McGee (Sean Murray) demanded an explanation. Bishop told him that she had gotten Torres into "goat yoga," a form of yoga where practitioners are joined by goats who stand in poses with them, massaging sore muscles with their hooves and generally adding to the tranquil atmosphere.

As enthusiastic as Bishop was about it, Torres seemed a little jaded. He complained that Bishop had never shown up to the class, suggesting that he might have only been there to spend more time with her. Bishop responded that she had tried to call him.

"Yeah that's because Jessica had her hooves impaled in the back of my neck while her brother was spread-eagle three inches from my face," he said.

Naturally, at that moment, Gibbs entered the office, catching only the tail end of the conversation. This left Torres to make a sheepish explanation to his boss, while the other agents tried to restrain their laughter.

Fans are relatively unanimous in support of the Torres-Bishop romance. The couple makes sense, bringing together the hot-headed, buoyant energy of Torres with the clear-thinking, sensible composure of Bishop.


Another, more overt tease for the prospective romance came back in October, when Torres put his dance moves on full display in the office. Fans were treated to nearly a whole minute of gyrating hips and meaningful eye contact before a case came between the two. Perhaps this week, they will finally put their feelings out in the open.

New episodes of NCIS premiere on Tuesdays at 8 p.m. ET on CBS.