Melissa Villaseñor Recalls 'Proud' Dolly Parton 'SNL' Holiday Moment, Talks 'Reindeer in Here' CBS Christmas Special (Exclusive)

SNL alum Melissa Villaseñor had countless big moments during her time on the iconic sketch comedy show. However, when asked about her favorite holiday sketch, she is quick to note the time she appeared on Weekend Update as living country music legend Dolly Parton. had a chance to chat with Villaseñor in support of the new CBS Christmas special, Reindeer in Here — in which she voices the adorable snowgirl, Candy — and the beloved comedian opened up about the impact of her Parton impression.

"Hanukkah Harry was so... that one was one of my favorites," Villaseñor said after we asked about her favorite Saturday Night Live holiday sketches. She then went on to say, "I think from my own work there, I will say the Dolly Parton Christmas update was up there. I'm very proud of that... Really proud of that one." We asked if she ever heard from Parton after the impression aired back in 2020, to which she replied, "On Twitter and Instagram she wrote, 'I never looked and sounded so good.' I read it with her voice, for sure."

While Villaseñor exited SNL earlier this year, ahead of the 48th season, fans of the comedian can catch her next in Reindeer in Here, a fun animated holiday film — based on the bestselling book and toy brand of the same name — about a group of North Pole friends who have to save Christmas. "It's just a real fun adventure because, well, the cast is hilarious. We got Adam DeVine playing the main reindeer, Blizzard. And me!" the actress exclaimed. "And there's Henry Winkler and Jim Gaffigan, Jo Koy. There's a lot of really funny people. And the story is just perfect. It really is about embracing the thing that makes you unique and different. And for kids and adults, it's just a fun time."

Describing her character, Villaseñor offered, "She really believes in Blizzard (Devine) and his inventions for Santa (Gaffigan), to make the North Pole easier, run smoother. And yeah, I just follow him around and want to help him out. But I forget, I'm a little aloof to things. And I love the joy that she has. And yeah, she probably shares too much at times and Blizzard's like, 'Hey, stop talking.'"

Getting to voice a character in a holiday special is dear to Villaseñor's heart, as she grew up watching classic Christmas movies like Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer and Year Without Santa Claus. "I think every year we all... in the Villaseñor household, we had the boxset of DVDs of all the stop motion ones." She also shared a little of what she looks forward to at the holidays each year, revealing, "I know there's a lot... I feel like decorating my tree, putting on music, Christmas music. I even did a little last night, I started my pink tree. I put the lights on and I had a cup of wine, and it was just lovely. It feels nice. Even alone, it was just like a nice evening."


Finally, Villaseñor made it clear that she is very much one who waits to start Christmas festivities until after Thanksgiving is over. "I think it's too much sometimes. And I think Thanksgiving, there's something nice and special about it, just the meal and people... Christmas seems a little more stressed. No? A little bit." She then added, "I think the gift giving, I think that's a lot of pressure, but outside of that, I love, yeah, watching holiday movies and making cookies. Come on, that's the fun stuff." Fans can catch Reindeer in Here when it airs Tuesday at 9 p.m. PT/ET on CBS, following Rudolph the Red-Nosed Reindeer.