Megyn Kelly Banned 'Fire and Fury' Author From Her Show

Despite author Michael Wolff dominating the news cycle this week ahead of his the bombshell new book, Fire and Fury: Inside the Trump White House releasing, NBC news anchor Megyn Kelly is refusing to interview him.

Wolff's penchant for exposing the ugly underside of things may be exactly what prevented the interview. Kelly was still furious with the author over an article he wrote about her in Newsweek almost a year ago, according to a report by Page Six.

Sources state Kelly hadn't forgotten "The Truth Behind Megyn Kelly's NBC Deal," an article Wolff wrote criticizing the reporter on a professional and personal level.

"There is at any given time in the television news business invariably one person more mistrusted and reviled by all the other mistrusted and reviled people in the business," Wolff wrote in January of 2017. "At Fox, for star colleagues down to make-up artists and, seemingly, by common agreement throughout the television news business, Megyn Kelly is the era’s most hardcore Eve Harrington case — soulless, heartless, shameless, avaricious, etc."

Wolff went on to describe Kelly as a pawn in a larger game played by the Murdoch family, all during the contentious presidental campaign run by Donald Trump.

Despite Kelly's refusal to speak with him, Wolff appeared on NBC on Friday. Savannah Guthrie interviewed him about Fire and Fury on The Today Show. He'll also appear on MSNBC on Monday, discussing the revelations in his book on both Morning Joe and Meet the Press. NBC News declined to comment on the conflict between Wolff and Kelly.


Wolff's book is the result of a year spent in the White House observing and interviewing the president's staff. It includes many salacious quotes by and about Steve Bannon, Ivanka Trump, and the president himself — among many others.

It was released on Jan. 5 well ahead of schedule due to overwhelming demand.