Meghan McCain Reportedly Considering Exit From 'The View' After Feeling Like a 'Caged Animal'

Is Meghan McCain leaving The View? The conservative-leaning co-host of the ABC talk show may not be returning next season, according to The Daily Beast. A source told the outlet that the "emotional toll" is getting to be too much for John McCain's daughter, although representatives for the alphabet network deny the rumor.

One source said McCain, 34, feels "so exhausted and defeated" after her two seasons on the show. Another source said that she's "feeling like a caged animal."

"It's getting to the point where it's not worth the emotional toll every week," the source said. "If she doesn't stay at The View, she will find other work."

However, a spokesperson for ABC told the New York Daily News that "The co-hosts and The View have had an incredible season and we expect them all back for an epic year ahead."

The View's senior executive producer Hilary Estey McLoughlin, told The Daily Beast, "We don't want people to attack Meghan. We're happy to have Meghan there. I think she does want to be there. I think she wants to be on the show. She realizes it's a very good platform for her and we love having her there. I feel like she will come back."

McCain, who is one of the show's two conservative voices alongside former Fox News personality, Abby Huntsman, frequently makes headlines for her differences of opinions with co-hosts like Joy Behar and Sunny Hostin.

"What happens with Meghan is that because she's so passionate about what she's talking about, and she feels very strongly that she's carrying this mantle for the conservative perspective, and what she wants to talk about is so important to her, I think that's the part that's the most draining for her," McLoughlin said.


McLoughlin said that compared to other conservative-leaning hosts The View has had in the past, like Survivor alum Elisabeth Hasselbeck and Full House star Candace Cameron Bure, "Meghan is bolder and more fearless in what she's willing to say and how she challenges people. I think she domestics feels isolated because she's carrying this mantle and she takes it very personally. It's a hard job. It's the hardest job on the show, for sure."

The View, which wrapped its 23rd season last month, is due back on ABC in the fall.