'Mayans M.C.' Viewers React to 'Sons of Anarchy' Character's Surprise Cameo

Mayans M.C. just had its latest Sons of Anarchy surprise return in episode two, and fans freaked out at the quick moment.

The FX drama made a quick update as to where Chucky (Michael Ornstein) has been doing since the events of the Sons of Anarchy series finale, revealing he is now working with the Mayans in a scrapyard.

In the quick scene, which also gives insight to possible family drama coming for Richard Cabral's Coco, Chucky is seen working at the office in the scrap yard, much like he did at Teller-Morrow, and still being his regular, weird self.

"HOLY F—, ITS CHUCKY," one fan wrote with overwhelming enthusiasm.

""It's f—ing Chucky. I ACCEPT THAT!!" another one commented.

Coco instructs Chucky to leave at one point as he searches for an adult film that could feature one of Coco's family members, though not much context is given before Chucky comes back to let him know he's needed outside.

Once he leaves, Chucky finds what Coco is looking at and gives his familiar "I accept that" line in Spanish, as he revels in the scandalous video.

"It's Chucky!! So cool to see him hanging with another club," another user wrote on Twitter.

"Chucky!?!!!!?? Why isn't he with the Sons anymore?!! I have so many questions!!!" another asked, as many other wondered.

Sons of Anarchy fans will remember Chucky as a creepy, but hilarious side character, who was first introduced as a prison friend of Otto's. However, the character and his impulses slowly grew to become the lovable sidekick to Gemma Teller-Morrow (Katey Sagal).

Fans will also remember Chucky's prosthetic hands, which came from his compulsive need to touch himself inappropriately in weird moments. The disorder led to the Triad group cutting all but his index finger during the original series, though Gemma found the now infamous prosthetic hands on eBay... and the rest is history.

With Chucky's surprise appearance, Mayans continues to establish the frequency of how it will intercept the story with its predecessor, Sons of Anarchy.

The first episode included a quick cameo of Gemma in a flashback scene, as well as the appearance of the Sons of Anarchy San Bernardino charter and president Les Packer (Robert Patrick).


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